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    World News – AU – Analysis rates the countries that have...

    New research shows Australia is in the top 10 countries to tackle the global pandemic, refuting that authoritarian regimes had an advantage

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    World News – UK – BBC Wales viewers in stitches when Yvette Amos appears...

    BBC Wales viewers are in fits of laughter after a woman, Yvette Amos, was interviewed on the show and unwittingly left a very intimate item on her bookshelf

    World News – USA – Preview of “Raya and the Last Dragon”: Disney unleashes...

    A new trailer shows how Disney turned the Disney Princess story with "Raya" ”

    World News – CA –

    Source: https://okmagazine.com/p/whoopi-goldberg-prince-hall-masonic-sweater-the-view-freemasons-apology/

    World News – CA – Kellyanne Conway accused of tweeting topless photo of teenage...

    Claudia Conway has criticized her mother Kellyanne, a former Trump adviser, on social media a lot over the past year

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    John Redwood attacks Archbishops’ assault on Brexit bill – ‘Is that the best they...

    BREXITEER Sir John Redwood has issued a brutal response after the UK's five Anglican Archbishops attacked Boris Johnson's Internal Market Bill.

    College Students Are Missing From Campus. Will Their Missing Votes Make a Difference?

    Some House candidates, typically Democrats, can usually count on support from students living on college campuses, but many of those students are now living back home.

    World News – US – New bobbleheads illustrate the many styles of “Tiger King”...

    Exotic Joe Bobbleheads are available for pre-order online for $ 50

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    World News – USA – What does Biden’s “ban” on private...

    The devil is in the details of what this executive order actually does and doesn't, and so it ultimately has an impact on private prison societies, their shareholders, and most importantly the over two million people in US prisons and detention centers and privately across America

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