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    Weltnachrichten – AU – Heartbreaking news from the kindergarten teacher in...

    A kindergarten teacher wrote a heartwarming note telling the oldest victim of the Tullamarine tragedy, Claire, 7, that she would teach her younger sister last year

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    World News – United States – Google’s acquisition of Fitbit finally crosses the finish...

    Google completed the acquisition of Fitbit after regulators gave assurances that the company will protect user data

    World News – USA – Fact Check: Has Donald Trump Signed the Insurrection Act?

    The act was last called during the 1992 Rodney King riot in Los Angeles on George HW. Bush announced on Jan. May 1992 issued a proclamation

    World News – FI – Google Doodle Celebrates Dr James Naismith, who invented basketball...

    James Naismith Google Doodle: Dr James Naismith announced the new game and its original rules on the pages of The Triangle, a school newspaper from Springfield College. Since its humble beginnings in a high school, the sport has grown into an international colossus, now played in over 200 countries becomes

    World News – USA – Andrew Yang Fast Facts – KRDO

    Here's a look at the life of Andrew Yang, entrepreneur and former Democratic presidential candidate for 2020 January 1975 Place of birth: Schenectady, New York Birth name: Andrew M Yang father: Kei-Hsiung Yang, researcher at IBM and GE mother: Nancy L Yang, system administrator Marriage: Evelyn (Lu) Yang (since 2011) Children: Two sons

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    World News – GB – City Hall lighting pays tribute to war heroes

    A luminous tribute to war heroes is projected at Blackburn Town Hall

    Coronavirus: Boris Johnson urges Manchester politicians to show leadership over rise in cases

    Manchester could have a Tier 3 lockdown imposed on it if talks fail, but the PM said he would rather "work out something" instead.

    Tighter Covid rules imposed on more areas of England and Wales

    Leeds, Cardiff and Swansea among areas affected, with London placed on ‘watchlist’

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