You Can Now Score A 2-Pointer In Netball, And I’m Sorry, But What The Fuck

An introduction to the Super Shot and how it works.

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As both a fan and a player of netball, I thought the rule was — and still is — a bit gimmicky. It takes the strategy out of the game, gives the defence more work and no reward and was only there to “wow” the crowd. But because of the Bushfire Relief fundraiser, I was all for it. Variations of the rule have also been introduced in the Fast5 tournaments.

@SuperNetball @SuperNetball this is such a bad decision, the majority of existing netball fans think that 2 point shots are not netball. It was ok in exhibition games but in circumstances where the games count it’s terrible!! #changeitback #rethinkthedecision #youwilllosemorefansthanyoungain

@OffsidersABC Personally, I don’t think a lot of people who don’t follow netball now will say let’s watch @SuperNetball because they have a 2 point Super Shot. The only thing it will do is alienate current fans who think it is a gimmick and a fundamental change to the sport.

If anyone at @SuperNetball @NetballAust actually think by adding a 2pt shot that is 3.75 metres closer to the ring than basketball’s 3pt shot will bring in non-interested (male) viewers to netball has lost their mind

Yes the circumference is different but as this BS is for TV…

“What’s on TV today?”

“Netball. You want to watch?”

“No way. That’s a boring girly sport. Not interested.”

“But hang on, they’ve introduced a 2 point shot this year”

“What? Wow! That’s incredible. That’s changed my whole opinion of the sport. I’ll definitely be watching now!”

Players not being consulted over the biggest rule change netball has seen is terrible @SuperNetball @AusNetballPA

Loved being a part of the @SuperNetball Competition Committee that weren’t consulted about this before being informed of the rule changes a couple of hours prior to it being made public 😳

From my perspective, shooters now get double the points from a marked area where a lot of shooters already score from, and the defence has no added advantage to defend it.

@KateKatecornish @YaThinkN @sportznut67 How will Sharon, Sharon Streslecki explain the 2 point (why is it point when we score goals) to Kim Kardashian West? @MagdaSzubanski


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