After falling up to 24 points behind, the New Orleans Pelicans came back to beat the Boston Celtics 120-115 in overtime on Sunday afternoon thanks to a 33-point day from Brandon Ingram

New Orleans, having lost five of their last six games, returned to the profit column over the similarly slinging Boston Celtics, who have won the last nine games 3-6

Ingram finished the game at 98 minutes with four minutes left, and the back and forth play that followed resulted in overtime

For the Celtics, Jayson Tatum lost 32 points, but it wasn’t enough for Boston to hold onto victory

Boston’s defense have managed to hold onto a thread in the absence of two-time all-defensive selections, Marcus Smart, who missed the team’s last eleven games while putting a calf strain on

At the beginning of the season, Boston finished 12th in the defensive standings Place in the league (108) 9), although the team also missed four-time all-star point guard Kemba Walker for part of that stretch in games since Feb. 2, when Smart missed his first game, the Celtics are 14th at 112 2nd place

While maintaining their position in the middle of the field, they’ve been tested against another highest-scoring league duo at Zion Williamson (who started on Sunday averaging 25 0 points per game) and Brandon Ingram (who started with 236 points per game)

It was Ingram who took off in the first half and led the Pelicans alongside Lonzo Ball with 13 points each, but the rest of the grid – Williamson, Willy Hernangomez and Eric Bledsoe – were limited to just four points each

Lonzo Ball nails his third straight three-pointer and gives him 11 points. This is his twelfth straight game with double-digit points, the first time he has done so in #NBA

Tristan Thompson has done a great job in Zion so far. Zion doesn’t feel many people defending him, but Thompson has stood his ground

I have to give Boston a lot of credit for how they defended Zion this half, kept him at 4 points on the 1-5 shootout, forced him to turn over 3 and only allowed him 3 free throws

Pels has to find a way to get him in the 2nd Free half

Boston’s defense stalled in the second half as Williamson rebounded to end the afternoon 28 points en route to overtime win – enough to wonder what would have happened if Smart were in Would have been close

The Celtics have two highly efficient goal scorers in the All-Star Reserves, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, who both average over 256 points per game – among the best in the league

It Was A Dangerous Time For The New Orleans Defense To Hit Amid the team’s slipping hazard, the Pelicans defense has stalled, leaving the opposition to score more than 123 points in each of their last five losses, where they on Most fighting is from beyond the arc and allows 409 three-point attempts per game, ranked second in the league, and 163 marks from the deep (one league high)

The Celtics are among the best in the NBA at 37 out of three7 three-point percentage, which is in ninth place

In the first half, the Pelicans were able to keep the Celtics down to six brands from the depths, but Boston found other ways to capitalize on it

Celtics are only 5/18 with three hands, so that wasn’t the defensive issue for #Pelicans, but Boston has a few too many straight-line trips to the brink, including a few this quarter from Tatum and Pritchard Bos 58 -44 late 2 quarter

Tatum paused on 17 points, 5-of-11 off the field and 6-of-7 off the line while Brown was right behind him on 13, 2-of-7, shooting from deep (4 of 15 from the field) and three perfect free throws

The pelicans came alive in the second half to stop the bleeding and succeeded, but if they had the defense to step up from the start they wouldn’t have had to play from behind

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Zion Williamson

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