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Yankees manager Aaron Boone was born in St Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Fla. The trial went as expected and Boone recovered Wednesday night, according to the Yankees. Boone left the team immediately, the Yankees said earlier in the day

“As many of you know, I had an open heart surgery in 2009 and I wanted everyone to understand where I was with regard to today’s procedure. For the past six to eight weeks I have had mild symptoms of lightheadedness, low energy and shortness of breath as a result, before the spring training in New York began, I underwent a number of tests and exams, including several visits to a team of cardiac specialists.While the heart exam returned to normal, there were indications of a low heart rate which after further consultations with doctors in Tampa requiring a pacemaker

“My faith is strong and my mood is high. I’m in a good mood because I know I am with the doctors and medical staff here in St Joseph’s Hospital You are confident that today’s surgery will allow me to resume all of my usual professional and personal activities and give me a positive long-term health prognosis without having to make any changes to the way I live I look forward to in the next Days to go back to work, but during my short-term absence, I fully trust that our coaches, staff and players will continue their training and preparation at the same level as before any interruption

“I would also like to take this opportunity to remind anyone dealing with heart problems to remain vigilant in your care and to contact your doctor if you have any symptoms of any discomfort or any problem that The Heart Affects Can Be Serious Keeping track of your health is always the first and most important thing you can do for yourself and your family “

Brian Cashman, general manager of Yankees, told reporters, including The Athletic’s Lindsey Adler, that Boone could be cleared to return to the team just 48-72 hours after the procedure, while Boone was still in contact with the players and coaches of the Yankees and even called them through Zoom from his hospital bed, Cashman added,

“The thoughts of the entire organization are with Aaron and his family as he undergoes this procedure and takes the time it takes to properly heal Aaron leads our players, coaches and staff with a rare combination of work ethic , Intelligence, and a genuine concern for others. Our only priority at this time is Aaron’s health and wellbeing and we will support him in all ways during his recovery “

Jim Bowden of CBS headquarters reports that current bank coach Carlos Mendoza will take on the role of interim Yankees manager during Boone’s “short-term” absence from spring training. Mendoza, 41, has been part of the Yankees organization for 13 years Previously, he was the manager of the Yankees ‘single A subsidiary in Charleston and manager of the Yankees’ subsidiary on the Gulf Coast

Boone, who turns 48 next week, is heading into his fourth season as manager of the Yankees, with three seasons leading the team to a 236-148 (615) record and an 11-10 postseason play This time span includes one AL East title and one playoff place per season

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Aaron Boone

World News – USA – Aaron Boone of the Yankees is recovering from pacemaker surgery The manager could get back to the team within 2-3 days