When one of Wonder Woman’s closest friends is attacked by a deadly bounty hunter, the Amazon hero finds a shocking way to emerge victorious

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wonder Woman # 768 by Mariko Tamaki, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Arif Prianto, and Pat Brosseau, which are for sale now

Originally introduced as an antagonist mostly for the Teen Titans, Deathstroke has developed into a threat to even the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, in the New 52 era, the infamous hit man occasionally worked against Wonder Woman and made it to the mythical Getting his hands on God Killer Sword to challenge the gods themselvesWhile Deathstroke takes on an assignment that puts someone very close to Diana Prince right in his crosshairs, the Amazon superhero uses a surprising strategy to get Deathstroke to do so bring to resign by appealing to one of the assassin’s weaknesses: his conflicting feelings towards his children

While Maxwell Lord is in critical condition after being betrayed and almost stabbed by his own daughter Emma in a maximum security prison, the villain’s machinations are still felt as he continues to struggle to survive while Diana and her longtime Girlfriend and military commander Etta Candy investigate who was responsible for the attack on Max, Deathstroke searches Etta’s office for the secret dossier on Emma Lord outside the building leading to a violent showdown in the streets below

Deathstroke reveals to Wonder Woman that he forged two matching blades to become his own versions of the God Killer Swords that can knock Wonder Woman down when Diana learns that Deathstroke is targeting Etta over the files on Emma, ​​she points out suggests the girl is Maxwell Lord’s daughter While the connection with Max himself doesn’t deter Slade in the slightest, the revelation that he got involved in a family affair with fathers and daughters keeps him on his toes, and he agrees, for now stand without continuing the fight against Wonder Woman instead of being caught in the middle of such a chaotic argument

Slade Wilson always had a complicated relationship with his children, which escalated when he began fighting the Titans on a regular basis.Slade’s son Grant would become the super villain Ravager only to die at the hands of his father, Slade killing his other as well Son of Joseph, the telepathic Titan Jericho, although Joseph would rise again at the beginning of DC’s rebirth, however, one of Slade’s most intricate dynamics is his daughter Rose, who was the youngest antihero to wear the Ravager cloak and join the Titans to frequently join hers Opposing father in one of the bitterest family relationships in the DCU

Deathstroke has built a reputation for getting virtually every job done to completion.One thing that has led the Terminator to move away from an unfinished business is its intricate feelings about the Wonder Woman’s mere mention of that Directly involving the daughter of a supervillain is enough to make Deathstroke leave the scene

While Slade may very well return before Diana’s showdown against Liar Liar and her father is complete, Wonder Woman neutralized Deathstroke without lifting a finger, raising Slade’s daughter is just as prone to inciting him to kill as it is to shocking him to question one’s own morals Luckily for Wonder Woman, the Terminator didn’t want to fight a god as he was reminded of his own mistakes being a father

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