CHICAGO (CBS) – Today is the first day of the month of women’s history, and Morning Insiders wanted to kick off March with a kick -butt women

Lauren Victory of CBS 2 introduces us to two women whose political experience is decades apart and who both inspire people of all ages

“I always told him,” If I were a state representative, I would have said this, I would have done this, “Illinois State Rep. Mary Flowers (D-Chicago) said in 2000 when she gave her meeting to future Mayor Harold Washington Attributed to starting politics in Illinois in the 1980s

“I was sworn in in the House of Representatives in 1985 and have been blessed to be there ever since 36 years, “she said

A fiery flower is currently the longest-serving black legislature in the state.She is particularly passionate about the treatment and health of black women

Neither did Bushra Amiwala. The Skokie native made national headlines when she ran for office as a teenager

“I think ignorance is bliss because I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” she said

Her 2018 campaign for Cook County Commissioners ran into some issues that were not affected by alterism but by sexism, she said like an article after a debate

“It was called” and Bushra Amiwala wore a stylish light pink hijab to the forum, “and that’s all that’s been said about me,” she said

The Muslim American lost that race but won a spot on the Skokie Board of Education District 735 at age 21 in 2019 and became the youngest Muslim-elected official in the US.

“You are part of a special group of people who want to serve your community,” said Amiwala

“Go into this room and be ready to listen. Watch who the players are and how they are negotiating, and when you are ready you will face the opportunity, “said Flower

Amiwala will be on 13 March in a Hulu documentary called “Our America: Women Forward”

Month of Women’s History

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