By Meg Wagner, Melissa Macaya, Mike Hayes, Melissa Mahtani, Veronica Rocha and Fernando Alfonso III, CNN

The woman who was shot dead in a nearby hospital during the riots on Wednesday afternoon in the U.S. Capitol, a Metropolitan Police Department spokesman confirmed to CNN

Former President George W Bush released a statement this afternoon condemning the storming of the US Capitol building and calling it “sick” and “heartbreaking” “

While Bush doesn’t mention President Trump by name, his statement makes a clear reference to Trump and other Republican officials when the former president said:

Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey A Rosen issued a statement Wednesday evening calling the violence in the US Capitol an “intolerable attack on a fundamental institution of our democracy”

The U.S. Capitol Police initially protected the building when protesters surrounded the Capitol and the building was locked

A citywide curfew for the District of Columbia began at 6:00 p.m. ET and will continue until 6 a.m. ET tomorrow

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the curfew today after pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol where members of Congress met to confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden

During curfew, according to a statement, “no person other than those designated by the mayor is allowed to walk, cycle, run, hang around, stand or drive on a street, alley, park or other public place within a street with a car or any other means of transport of the district “

The curfew does not apply to key workers, including those who work in the media with their IDs issued by the outlet

The Sergeant-at-Arms announced that the U.S. Capitol is now safe, according to press pool reporters, rioters were still staying outside the building

Facebook has now removed President Trump’s video from Wednesday addressing his supporters, company spokesman Andy Stone told CNN

In the video, Trump had urged Capitol rioters to “go home,” but used a compassionate tone and repeated his debunked allegations of electoral fraud

In a tweet on Wednesday, Facebook vice president of integrity Guy Rosen called this “an emergency situation” and added that Facebook “is taking appropriate immediate action, including removing President Trump’s video We removed it because we did Are of the opinion that it carries rather than reduces the risk of persistent violence “

And while the Senators wait to get back to the Senate and continue the certification process, some Senators are using the time to push back the GOP Senators who wanted to object to states like Georgia and Pennsylvania after the debate over Arizona ended Election results were reported by two Senate sources familiar with the talks to CNN

It is unclear whether the effort would be successful. It would require Republican Sen. Josh Hawley, for example, to resign in a very public manner

A 24-year-old man climbing the scaffolding on the western front of the US Capitol building fell more than 30 feet

Virginia Gov Ralph Northam said he is issuing a state of emergency and putting a 6 p.m ET curfew on the Arlington and Alexandria areas of Washington, DC

According to a senior defense official, the first 150 DC Guardsmen are expected to arrive at the U.S. Capitol at any moment

These guardsmen wear protective and combat gear, but they have no lethal or non-lethal weapons, the source said

Your sole purpose right now is to assist the Capitol Police Department and help restore a perimeter around the Capitol Building. You stay on the road for as long as necessary, depending on the conditions. You don’t conduct law enforcement – and that also applies to the remaining guardsmen who are ready to go to the Capitol

There are currently no plans to use troops on active duty, the official said

The original 340 guardsmen, who were called in earlier this week, remain in their positions and on the streets, and are not armed

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