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The Texans’ QB is reportedly unhappy and wants to get out Every team in need of QB should be on the phone by now

DeShaun Watson, potentially looking to get out of Houston, is the predictable end to this mayhem.It wasn’t long ago that the Texans were apparently on the verge of multi-year playoff berths and had enough advantages to fight for a Super Bowl since then The team has suffered from terrible coaching and a series of bad decisions due to ownership and mismanagement that ridiculed a promising squad

As bad as things were, there was still a beacon on Houston they still had Watson, hands down one of the best young quarterbacks in the league – who still made it to almost 5Throwing 000 yards and getting a QB rating of 1123 with limited weapons or help Everyone has their breaking point and it appears Watson has reached his now reportedly unhappy after being frozen out of the front office hiring process Some speculate he might ask for a deal while it would cost a ton of draft picks and future fortunes, teams should blow up Houston’s phone with the insistence of a drunk ex

The Patriots are moving on from Cam Newton in desperate need of a quarterback It’s evident that no one on the roster has the skills to get the job done, and with Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels at the helm, Watson could be a huge influence As fun as it is to joke the Pats’ misfortune, they are still a really good team on the verge of making their way back to the Watson playoffs and a few tweaks would surely get New England back on track. p>

A trade for Watson is going to cost a lot The Patriots don’t have many solid tradable assets the Texans would be interested in, which means it would require a significant number of high draft picks to close a deal that is at odds to the way Belichick leads the team Assuming, for example, that it would take two first round players and a second to get Watson, is that a deal the Patriots would be okay with?

The Hawks are way better than their record shows I think 2020 was an outlier, and with a little bit of support this team will be really good again, it seems that the Hawks are ready to stray from Matt Ryan and instead of the dice on rolling a top QB would be incredible to include Watson on the list, which would be a dream scenario for the hawks who have enjoyed big business in the past

Hard to come up with a reason this isn’t working Honestly, all it would take would be the Texans taking Ryan in return (along with picks), and that deal is a draft of a new QB with the no. Let them learn under Ryan – it’s a pretty good scenario if you’re Houston

This is a playoff team with an elite defense and enough offensive weapons that they’re as good as a quarterback away from making a big push Washington has a lot of room for boats, which means they’re up to Watson afford and still have a gun or two in free hand

The big sticking point for Watson in Houston is the malfunction, and although the ship has been stabilized under Ron Rivera, this is still one of the most troubled teams in the NFL. Would Watson be happy? That’s hard to say

This has been an extremely disappointing season for San Francisco, one that has been ravaged by injuries, but also offers an opportunity Here is a team that is a year away from a Super Bowl and has the potential to solve its biggest problem by landing one Fix Elite Quarterback

I can definitely see a scenario where San Francisco wants to either give Jimmy Garropollo another shot or leave a young QB behind if the 49ers over-value their fortune, that is the only sticking point to pulling the trigger now press

Maybe it’s a little early to explain that Teddy Bridgewater isn’t “the guy”, but it looks like Statistically, Bridgewater was fine in his first season in Carolina, but he seems more like a player that You Don’t Lose A Game Than You Win One Carolina is getting a lot of quarterbacks in drafts for a reason, and Watson would be a better, safer choice – with an infrastructure around him for success

The biggest problem with this is space. Carolina would have to cut substantial cash off the books to take on Watson’s salary and give up assets in the process. Would Houston take on Bridgewater (plus picks) in return? Are you interested in Christian McCaffery? These are the contracts the Panthers would need to make the space Watson needed that is hard to imagine

New Orleans has signed Drew Brees for the past 15 years, so getting a talented young quarterback was a good idea Now it’s a good idea to think about how long the Saints could stay on the NFC if they manage to get DeShaun Watson right now is scary

The saints are in Hell You have too many players making too much money Significant cuts or restructuring are currently needed to get below the cap before we talk about the mix another 23M USD to add

That said, NFL accounting can get creative. The question is, who on the list of Saints would Houston take on to get a deal?

The Dolphins are far more complete than expected, and 2020 has proven they are ready to push a playoff, in my opinion Miami doesn’t need to take a step, and offensive issues with Tua Tagovailoa are more of a product of Chan Gailey as of Tua himself, but there is no doubt that Watson is poised right now to take an established team to the next level

Miami has the option to take on Watson’s contract, and Tagovailoa is a real asset if the incoming front office in Houston likes it, which could be the most likely target if the dust settles down

There’s something to be said for staying the course on Tagovailoa may not have finished Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert’s rookie gig yet, but there’s way too optimistic that could be a sit-down and evolve case of things is preferable to trading in their blessings to receive Watson

Deshaun Watson

World News – US – If DeShaun Watson is traded, these are the teams that need him most

Source: https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2021/1/8/22220384/deshaun-watson-trade-nfl-texans-patriots-falcons-dolphins-49ers