Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was named Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year 2020 in recognition of his COVID-19 aid donations, including his founding a charter school

The annual award, announced on Saturday night at the NFL Honors Show, recognizes outstanding performance on and off the field.As this year’s winner, Wilson receives a donation of 250$ 000 to the Why Not You Foundation by Russell and Ciara

“For me, the Walter Payton Man of the Year award stands for excellence, not just on the field, but above all off the field,” Wilson told the Seahawks website. “In life we ​​have the opportunity to make an impact taking whatever sphere of influence we are in Walter Payton was one of the best examples of what he could do not just on the field but off the field to give back and serve and love and care for To even be mentioned to a name like Walter Payton is one of the greatest blessings I could ever have and one of the greatest honors you could ever have “

The Wilsons donated 1 million meals to Feeding America and Food Lifeline in early March to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Seahawks, the Wilsons then teamed up with Wheels Up to create the Meals Up campaign The Why Not You Foundation, the team said, helped expand the Ride United program to provide food and supplies to vulnerable populations in 175 communities across the country, “The Why Not You Foundation created the equivalent of more than 50 million meals.” / p>
The coronavirus forced Wilson to change his weekly visits to the Seattle Children’s Hospital – which he has done almost every Tuesday since his rookie season in 2012 – from personal to virtual

“For me personally, 2020 really changed my perspective,” Wilson said, according to the Seahawks. “I’ve always thought of others and that was always important to Ciara and me, but when you realize that so many people join so many every day Different ways could be affected, it was so important that we give something back.It felt like God was telling us to do something, use our resources, use our relationship networks and so on to get together and really try to do something Ultimately, it made me think of my children that I pray that one day they won’t be So we really tried to make a difference in 2020 “

Wilson became more open in the fight for racial equality in 2020, including during his opening monologue when he co-hosted the ESPY Awards.He used his platform to speak out against social injustice and encourage voting

The Wilsons announced in October the creation of Why Not You Academy, a tuition-free public charter school south of Seattle, due to open this fall

“Why not you?” was a question that Wilson’s late father, Harrison III, asked his son

“My dad is probably smiling ear to ear because [Payton] was probably one of my dad’s favorite athletes of all time and he was always talking about what he was doing off the field and who he was as a person”Wilson said, according to the Seahawks” “I know my father is smiling down on me, and I know Walter is up there too They’re probably hanging out and maybe even smoking a cigar, who knows? What a blessing that is “

Wilson is the second Seahawk to win the award Hall of Fame recipient Steve Largent won it in 1988

Russell Wilson

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