Celebrity Relationships Are Always Interesting Fans were thrilled in 2013 when Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill made their debut as a couple, Cuoco was already known for her roles in 8 Simple Rules and The Big Bang Theory, however Cavill made his mark in the states a name

Fans of The Tudors recognized the handsome Briton for his role in the Showtime series, however, he had just made his debut as Superman / Clark Kent in the DC Extended Universe’s Man of Steel and has been wearing the cloak ever since

The pairing caused quite a madness at this time, however it was almost over quickly when it started

On 1 July 2013, Cuoco and Cavill made their great debut as a couple, and the media and paparazzi absolutely gobbled them up. The British play and girl next door seemed like the absolutely ideal paring

The couple had apparently met in June, and spots were seen on their hip by early July.The paparazzi took pictures of them shopping, hiking, eating, and shopping all over LA

Yet just two weeks after their big debut, the couple quit, some even accused the couple of orchestrating their relationship for a publicist, as they actually share the same publicist, however, it looks like something else was wrong

Did you forget that Kaley Cuoco & Henry Cavill was two weeks old in 2013? She was only asked about it and had pretty much the reaction to the question she was asked! https: // tco / 7dQoe3gACQ

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While Cuoco was and is certainly well known, the The Flight Attendant actress wasn’t used to having her in the spotlight around the clock, being on Cavill’s arm meant she was a magnet for media attention was like it hadn’t been in the past

“She was just blown away by the very public Superman relationship. She’s not used to the attention and chaos in her life,” a source told OK! Magazine at the time

For his part, Cavill had always been interested in the actor, but she understood the frenzy was a bit much for her, as it was reported that the two broke up amicably and even remained friends

Although that relationship existed over seven years ago and Cuoco is now happily married to her husband Karl Cook, Cuoco was recently asked about her romance with actor The Witcher

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, a fan asked Cuoco, “Is the ‘man of steel’ really made of steel?”

The actor immediately started laughing hysterically “Oh my god”, she laughed. The then answered the question as quickly as possible “I don’t know”, she said through more laughter “I never say” I don’t know “, she explained “I always have an answer – but I don’t know”

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