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ROSEANNE Boyland has been identified as one of the rioters who attacked the Capitol during the vote of the Electoral College of Congress on Jan. January stormed

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Roseanne Boyland was a rioter who died of a “medical emergency” following the Capitol mayhem on May 6 January

Several others were seriously injured in clashes after rioters fought police officers and slipped into government buildings

Protesters broke fences outside the US Capitol and stormed the building, and Capitol buildings were locked

Vice President Mike Pence, followed by other Senators, has been evacuated from the building and brought to safety

The Pentagon said that around Jan.100 members of the Columbia District National Guard have been mobilized to aid law enforcement in the Capitol

After the legislature was allowed to re-enter the building, a joint congressional session was called and an electoral college number of 306 for Biden and 232 for Trump was confirmed

As the night began with emotions from earlier in the day, it seemed to overflow as members of the House nearly beat the floor during the Pennsylvania debate

Morgan Griffith of the GOP protested after Democrat Conor Lamb said a rupture of the Capitol by an angry mob earlier in the day was “inspired by lies, the same lies you hear in this room tonight”

Robert Contee III, acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, believes Greeson and Phillips also died from medical emergencies

Footage was taken showing Babbitt trying to climb through a window in the political center when she was shot

“The White House mourns the loss of life that occurred yesterday and expresses its sympathy to their families and loved ones,” said press secretary Judd Deere

Subsequently, a statement was issued by the White House in which the President wrote on Jan. January promised an “orderly transition”

Trump was temporarily banned from Twitter after the uprising, forcing the president to make a statement through his social media director Dan Scavino

“Even if I do not agree with the election result at all and the facts confirm me, it will be on 20 January still give an orderly transition “, it says in it

“I’ve always said we would continue our fight to make sure that only legal votes are counted

“While this marks the end of the greatest first term in President history, it is only the beginning of our struggle to make America great again!”

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Rosanne Boyland

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