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JASON Collier, a Texas police chief, was on leave after a woman who allegedly is his girlfriend shared a series of shocking allegations on Facebook

The chief of the Stinnett Police Department was beaten up by alleged friend Cecily Steinmetz, who accused him of having another friend, Kristi Shaffer and a wife, as “poor representatives” of the city

Jason Collier has 21 years of law enforcement experience and is currently Chief of the Stinnett Police Department

The policeman was married twice and has four children – two with his ex-wife and two with his current wife, Opal Collier

Collier and his wife served on the board of a Texas-based religious organization – “Our Brothers Keeper”

In a statement on Wednesday, Jan. Jan, Bolton said two board members had voluntarily resigned – but it was not clear if he was referring to Collier and his wife

Bolton said in a statement: “Without going into details or commenting, concerns or rumors, I was made aware of an ongoing situation involving two members asking to resign from the Board of Directors.” / p>

Cecily Steinmetz, 39, claims that Collier led a “double / triple life” by having two girlfriends, including herself, and a wife

Your viral Facebook post that was posted on Tuesday, April 26th January, divided, has 25000 comments and was 31Shared 000 times

The post said: “Boss Jason Collier lives a double / triple life. I was his girlfriend until yesterday

“He lied to me and gave me forged deeds when I found out he was married

“I also found out from a second friend last night, Kristi. He lied to us, our children, and asked both of us to marry him

“He is a poor representative of your city. He would also visit me in Amarillo if he was on shift

“We just returned from vacation in Taos on Sunday Meanwhile, his other girlfriend has been told he’s on duty in Portland, OR “

The drama surrounding the allegations against Collier has led memes and Facebook groups to liken it to a Netflix series

The Stinnett Police Department said Collier was on administrative leave as part of an ongoing investigation

City Manager Durk Downs said in a statement: “The City of Stinnett is aware of the current situation surrounding Police Chief Jason Collier

“The city takes this seriously and will investigate violations of city policy

“Chief Jason Collier has been on administrative leave while the city investigates possible violations of the city’s employment policy

“According to city policy, we will not comment on personal questions from staff in a public forum”

Collier was named head of the Stinnett Police Department in Texas in February 2020, according to Heavy

He worked for several Texas police departments, including serving as an officer, detective, and chief of police for the Sunray Police Department

The Stinnett Police Department announced the hiring of Collier as their top boss on Facebook

According to Heavy, it said, “We’re excited to announce our NEW Police Chief Jason Collier. Chief Collier comes from the Borger Police Department where he was a sergeant

“Chief Collier is married with 4 children, ordained minister, law enforcement agency for 21 years, FBI LEEDA trilogy graduate, TCOLE instructor, police officer, recipient of the Texas Medal of Valor”

Both the Stinnett Police Department’s Facebook page and Collier’s personal profile have been deleted since the allegations were made

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Jason Collier

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