Before her Lifetime film and documentary, Wendy Williams deals with her own lifeAstrid Stawiarz | Getty Images

Wendy Williams is known for dealing with celebrity news and gossip – “hot topics” – with her audience on “The Wendy Williams Show”

But in the lead up to her Lifetime film and documentary on Saturday, Williams has increasingly invited people to share stories from their own lives and opened up their personal vaults to make themselves their own

Not long after her brother’s public argument over her mother’s funeral, 56-year-old Williams openly mentioned the name of her husband’s lover – Sharina Hudson

on her show on Tuesday

“Welcome to Hot Topics, Sharina Hudson,” Williams said, “Get out of my car with my money”

Williams, who grew up in Ocean Township, filed for divorce from ex-husband Kevin Hunter in 2019 after 21 years of marriage after reports they fathered a child with Hudson Williams also mentioned that child, a girl named Journey , named on her show this week, saying she would be 3 years old

The talk show host and Hunter used to live with their son Kevin Hunter Jr In Livingston, now 20, when Williams split from Hunter, he was also forced to leave his post on their show – he was executive producer and served as their manager

“I knew all along that I was going to divorce him and it was going to be epic,” she told Cliffside Parks Dr Mehmet Oz in an episode of “The Dr Oz Show “will air on Friday

“I knew he wasn’t going to work on this show anymore, allowed on this block, allowed on the building I now live in, a part of my life other than our son,” she continued. “I knew it was Just lasted many, many years Even when I said, “If you ever cheat on me again, I swear” I’ve had divorce lawyers They have no idea This divorce lasted over 10 years When I say 10 years I mean 10 years that I was actually executed private eyes and hired to follow him, so I had my information ”

Williams also told Oz that she would not get a COVID-19 vaccine, adding that she would be wearing a mask for the foreseeable future

“Wendy Williams: The Movie” and “Wendy Willams: What A Mess!” Both premiered on Saturday and will take up Williams ‘rise from radio shock to syndicated television host, Kevin Hunter’s infidelity, and Williams’ struggles with cocaine addiction

When Williams shared details about her past ahead of the Lifetime movie, she also drew attention to the fact that she shared a special encounter with Method Man, the rapper, actor, and member of the Wu Tang clan

“I dumped with Method Man while giving him a bath and it was a one night stand,” she told DJ Suss One

“He’s going to deny it, maybe not,” Williams said. “It wasn’t in the movie because Method Man is still very mad at me for being me, for telling the truth. It was one night we were at the club A fight broke out and gunfire broke out The fight was ridiculous All the wu-tang was there but it was just meth in the rafters And see, this is where I go to watch it all because I was alone

“He rolled a stump, we smoked a stump, we watched the fight,” she continued. “We heard the gunshots, the cops came in I guess I hit my eyes and rocked my shoulders and said: “Do you want to come over?” And he said, “Yes, I’ll follow you’ ”

“People didn’t even realize then that it was Wendy and one of the biggest stars, the leader of the biggest group in the world They just left, sat in their Pathfinder, and went back to their Jersey City penthouse, where they bathed him in their hot tub and smoked more weed, ”Williams said

Premiere of “Wendy Williams: The Movie” 8 ppm ET on Lifetime Saturday, Jan 30, followed by the documentary “Wendy Williams: What a Mess!” At 10 pm ET

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