Anyone who has siblings knows that sometimes things aren’t sunshine and rainbows. Rivalries, jealousies, and parenting problems add to sibling tension when celebrities and their siblings are little different from us

Talk show host Wendy Williams is no stranger to controversy.Her personal life has been shared on the tabloids and by Wendy herself.She has argued with former Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes, Master P and Ariana Grande, which seem trivial in the Compared to her recent spit with her own brother Tommy

Fans were made aware that Wendy’s mother passed away during an episode of her show in December 2020.The television personality revealed to viewers that her mother died peacefully in her sleep, “Gone is the best mom and best friend a girl ever had And I’m lucky enough to have had her in my life for all of my 56 years, “lamented Wendy

It appears that Wendy and her mother had a loving relationship Why shouldn’t Wendy attend her mother’s funeral? According to Tommy, he doesn’t understand why “My mom always said you stood by your family and sisters,” said Tommy Williams in a video he shared on his YouTube channel

“But why doesn’t someone go to their mother’s funeral? I don’t understand why you don’t say hello to the person who was always there and showed you support I don’t understand how a person doesn’t go to a funeral and the one Person or family member you have who can hold up the parents you left and just move on Keep moving I don’t see how I can get on with someone who can cause this kind of pain, ”he continued >

Wendy started her week off by responding almost immediately to her brother’s allegations that she did not attend her late mother’s funeral. The host asked her audience, “Have you seen this nonsense my brother posted on the internet asked? ”

She then accused Tommy of only trying to stir up drama and screaming for attention by posting all of her personal information on social media. She then spoke to him directly on her show and said, “Tommy, leave me to you now say something: All you are is my brother ”

“You better stop talking the way you talk because it’s dripping into my comments page now,” she continued. She then made it clear that she wasn’t looking for her brother on her side and was just looking for a fan -Feedback on one of her latest segments when she suddenly saw a series of comments on her sibling. She soon realized that Tommy had been talking about her

In some cases when a family member dies there is a trail and a funeral A wake allows many people to come by, offer their condolences, and watch the lost loved one.A funeral is more of a ceremony, sometimes a religious ceremony and a funeral Tommy said while Wendy skipped her mother’s funeral she was involved in the wake

He said on his video that his sister had told him she had to “get going” and would not be in the area during the time of the funeral. He accused her of lying about it and actually staying in town, to have lunch with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams’ brother

World News – USA – Wendy Williams is in a feud again, but this time it’s with her own brother