Jazz musician Keyon Harrold claims he and his son were attacked in an upscale New York hotel by a woman who accused the teenager of stealing her cell phone over the weekend

Harrold posted a video on Instagram Sunday showing part of the incident in the lobby of the Arlo Hotel in SoHo, sparking conversations about how blacks are treated and perceived, the renowned trumpeter said he and his 14-year-old son came down from their hotel room for breakfast on Saturday when they were approached by the unidentified woman and hotel staff

In the one-minute video, the woman insisted Harrold’s son show her his phone, claiming it was hers and saying he wouldn’t leave until they prove they didn’t steal her phone

“This incident lasted five minutes and I was protecting my son from that lunatic. She scratched me; she grabbed and grabbed him,” wrote Harrold in the Instagram headline, the footage doesn’t appear to show anyone is being physically attacked , but Harrold can say he says “hands off” before the video ends abruptly

He said he later filed a police report against the woman, but the NYPD confirmed to NBC News that the incident took place on Saturday, but did not provide any further details

Harrold said the woman is not a current hotel guest and checked out on December 23, a few days before the incident, but the hotel manager still appeared to be trying to get Harrold’s son to show the woman his phone

“He actually empowered you !!! He didn’t even think that we were actually the guests! Now think of the trauma my son is going to endure and just come downstairs to his Father having a brunch on Box Day “Harrold wrote, adding that an Uber driver later returned her phone to the woman

NBC News is trying to identify and reach out to the woman involved in this incident

The Arlo Hotel later posted its statement on Instagram, apologizing to Harrold, saying the incident was “inexcusable” “

“Upon further investigation into the incident, we learned that the manager on duty immediately called the police about the woman’s behavior and that hotel security had intervened to prevent further violence However, more could have been done to defuse the dispute”read the statement

The case is the latest in a series of confrontations in which blacks were wrongly accused over the past year.The most recent and widespread incident occurred in Central Park in May when a white female Christian Cooper, a black bird watcher, mistakenly mistakenly occurred accused of attack after asking her to keep her dog on a leash

Keyon Harrold

World News – US – Well-known musician claims that wife attacked his son after fraudulent theft in the NYC hotel

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