Okay fine you caught me For the first time, I’m really excited to see what happens next on WandaVision Please respect my privacy during this difficult time

That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m fully on the show, though, the first four episodes were largely treading water while creating a basic conceptual framework, hell, it really did in the first five episodes – the only thing making up this latest partial novel is in the last 60 seconds or so, and that twist is in equal parts exciting and frustrating: yes, if you’re someone who knows the intricacies of superhero cosmology you’ll be more than a little dizzy But if you’re a more casual viewer, even if you’ve seen all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, development is likely to be completely lost for you.Although I (somehow) understood what was going on, I can’t help but learn about annoy the fact that so many others have to catch up by reading this roundup or texting their nerd-culture friends.If a show requires so much prior knowledge to find interesting, praise it for its ability to close Powering the grassroots, or do you condemn them for giving up on advocating for the world?

Let’s go over what happened and maybe you can judge for yourself we’re opening a totally full-bodied living room set from the 1980s, with the newborn twins crying in their cribs while light piano music rings out on the soundtrack We see Wanda try to calm her down while wearing her finest Reagan era: high-waisted baggy pants and a vest with a floral print on the front and denim back, hair an inch from her life, enter vision and see Look every inch like Michael Gross in Family Ties – that is, if Gross had a robot face, Wanda tried to conjure up the kids, but it won’t silence them. Soothers won’t either. “We’ll find out,” says Vizh Wanda counters with: “Or maybe we just need some help”

At that moment, Agnes bursts in, clad in tights letting everyone know she’s pimped up to Jazzercise’s vision says he’s nervous because Agnes is taking care of the babies, and Agnes suddenly looks confused and stutters a little before she asks Wanda in a decidedly non-performative voice: “Should I take that again?” Now everyone is confused, but then they start laughing, just like the studio audience Wanda tells Vision not to worry about what just happened while Agnes sprays lavender perfume on the babies and looks for “dark alcohol” around to feed them Suddenly the crying disappears Have the twins gone to sleepland? No – it turns out they are up to 5 years old “Kids, heh” says Agnes “Can’t control them no matter how much you try!” This is almost certainly a hint

Cue the ’80s-style intro for the show within a show (a show that especially doesn’t appear in the slimmer aspect ratio that a show of that time would have been) that all feel and schmaltz “We’re pushing the thumbs, sing a song / we make it up as we go on, “sing the singers of the (really wonderful) theme music as we see a montage of photos of Wanda and Vision as Young’uns culminating in a painted portrait of the whole little nuclear family Artistically, this is the most interesting part of the episode

Cut to Monica in a hospital bed being tested by a device. We hear audio from her as she was interviewed by Tyler at another debriefing: “There was this feeling that kept me down, this hopeless feeling that I would I’m drowning, ”she tells him,“ It was sadness. ”Jimmy and Darcy enter and Darcy tells her that she’s a huge fan who stands out from a character whose main attraction is her jaded cynicism. We learn that Monica’s test results look strange and empty, but before we can hear more, let’s move on to Tyler’s briefing on next steps

He tells the assembled crowd of agents and analysts that “we now know that [Wanda] is the main victim” before characterizing her as a “terrorist” to the frustration of Jimmy, Monica and Darcy, and says Monica, Wanda have no tendency towards destruction or a political agenda and so am not a terrorist I suppose this is supposed to be a commentary on the real war on terror, with the increasingly sinister Tyler cast as the gung-ho hater, but it feels messed up and rushed on Maybe this angle will be explored in more detail later in the series?

Anyway, Tyler shows all of the security videos from nine days earlier when it appears Wanda broke into SWORD to steal the corpse of Vision that destroyed Thanos in Infinity War, why no one over before that moment Having spoken of this rather important development, Tyler points out that the revival of Vision was a direct violation of the Sokovia Accords (laws passed in Captain America: Civil War to Hold Back the Avengers), and Jimmy cites the living will of vision, both stating that it should not be returned and used as a weapon “Maximoff has disregarded his wishes in her grief,” says Tyler Everyone is fired Darcy ponders the vision dilemma: “What if. If.” he learns the truth? ”

But hey, in the words of Goat Boy, do you remember the 80s? We’re back to where the twins get angry about a dog they bathe in the sink “Can we keep it?” they ask Wanda, who at first hesitates, but then seems to be enchanted by the puppy. Vision comes in and seems to have doubts about the situation Then he turns his robo face into a human one because he senses someone walking in Safe enough, on charges against Agnes with a practically existing dog house, making Vision even more suspicious of him when Wanda uses her magic to create a dog collar to create right in front of Agnes, from whom she supposedly was supposed to hide her powers “What are you not telling me?” The husband asks his wife Wanda, telling Billy and Tommy that they are not ready to care for an animal until they are at least 10 years old, which causes them to look at each other and get older, “Let’s just hope that this dog stays the same “, Agnes intones” Woof woof! ”

Cut to Jimmy, Monica and Darcy (let’s just call them the Virtuous Trio or VT for convenience) at the base where Monica believes they could step in if they could build a high-tech mobile bunker Westview and that she knows an aerospace engineer who would be willing to do this. The name remains unspoken who from the MCU could it be? Darcy calls the whole weird city-size anomaly “Hex” because it’s hexagonal, though the name pays homage to the “Hex” forces that Wanda has in the comics fanservice, everyone! Jimmy notes that they didn’t know who the twins were before Wanda showed up and seemingly took control. Monica says they were created by Wanda, but Jimmy points out that historically the Avenger only created illusions, no matter Darcy realizes suggested that creating such matter and life would require “an insane amount of force. Could it be that someone else, someone stronger, is at least partially in control? Maybe Agnes?

Monica counters that Wanda is very powerful and that Thanos could have killed if it hadn’t been for the Space Overlord’s “flash” at the last minute. Jimmy counters by saying that Captain Marvel is actually closer to Ol ‘Purple- To defeat Chin, and that the powers of the good captain also emerged from an Infinity Stone, which Monica resists: “We don’t talk about her, we talk about Wanda,” she says and she has an idea The VT goes into a storage room The 1970s outfit Monica was found in is hung up for analysis. Monica shoots a gun at the clothes and the bullets ricochet off as if it were made of Kevlar Monica says it is actually made of the Kevlar that she wore in her bulletproof vest when she entered the anomaly. She assumes that Wanda “rewrites reality” and “changes things when they go into the hex” to match the show within a show, and then asks: “What is when we send in something that does not require modification? ”

We then see Vision in his office, where the employees are marveling at the latest computers that they have just received. Vision logs on to the Internet with his colleague Norm to receive an “email”, as Norm calls you pull up an email stating it’s from SWORD and all staff members read it together It’s a message from Darcy about the hex but everyone starts laughing at it assuming it’s a joke Vision touches Norm’s temple with his special powers and suddenly makes the poor man think of who he was before Wanda came to town “You have to stop her!” he says panicked “Listen to who?” Vision asks “It’s on my head!” Norm replies, adding, “Just let them stop!” before Vision touches his head again and Norm returns to his sitcom cheers and asks where to stamp his email

Back at the hacienda, the boys teach the dog a trick and ask for their father. Wanda says he is in the office, to which they answer, confused, that it is Saturday, “Look, just him he needed a distraction, “says mom.” Sometimes your father and I are not on the same page, but that’s only temporary. One of the boys asks if Wanda has a brother like her. “Yes,” she says, looking glassy. “He’s far away from here and that makes me sad sometimes. The dog runs to the door and growls, “Something scares him,” says one of the boys

They go outside and we move into the perspective of a drone flying over Westview.It is operated by the base of the VT and their cohort under Tyler’s command, and we learn that the device is made with ’80s technology Wanda looks up at the drone and even through the black and white footage that comes from this fallback technology to the base, her eyes glow red “Take the chance!” says Tyler and a projectile flies from the drone as the food fails. Before Monica can fully chastise the boss, an alarm goes off and a soldier yells that the anomaly has been violated

Everyone runs outside and trains their weapons on the energy wall when a character shows up. It’s Wanda in her old Avengers outfit holding the wrecked drone. “This will be your only warning,” she says, “Stay away from mine Oddly enough, she seems to have her old Socovian accent from Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it fades in and out. Whether this is on purpose or just badly on Olsen’s part is unclear Wanda says she isn’t the one with the guns and Monica replies : “But you are the one in control” I’m starting to suspect that she is not in control! “I have what I want and no one will ever take it away from me,” Wanda says, before using her powers to confuse the soldiers who point their guns at Tyler as she goes back to the Hex

Go to the advertisement! Go to the advertisement! We see the advertising lady trying and failing to deal with spilled liquids on her countertop until she uses the miracle product: “Lagos brand paper towels” Lagos was of course the city where Wanda accidentally killed a lot of people in the civil war, and the Voice alludes to this unfortunate incident with the slogan: “Lagos: If you make a mess, you didn’t mean to! “

Back to the program where the boys look for their dog with Wanda and meet the local postman who says they will find him Who’s that guy? Why do we keep getting these random appearances from him? There are no answers, but the family sees rustling in a bush and Agnes comes out and holds the dog in a blanket that completely covers him. It turns out that the dog had eaten some poisonous leaves and perished tearing open the boys calling on Wanda to bring him back from the dead, which Wanda resists. “We cannot undo death, no matter how sad it makes us,” she says and hits the whole grief theme again, but the boys are dissatisfied. Vision approaches them and they all leave home

While he’s not with the boys, Vision confronts Wanda with the norm and says: “You can’t control me the way you do”Wanda is told to roll the credits while the audience applauds that doesn’t mind Vision who yells at them to the point where they both float and boot up,” What’s outside of Westview? “He demands;” You want don’t know, I promise you! ”she shoots back Vision says he can’t remember anything, before Westview and Wanda ask if being her husband and the father of their children isn’t enough, Vision notes that it is there are no other kids in town, which I have to admit I haven’t noticed yet

“Do you really think I control everything?” Wanda asks him, adding that she can’t get everyone in Westview to do their daily chores “I don’t know how this started!” Okay, yes, I was almost certain to be wrong last week that Wanda was in charge Oops The doorbell rings Wanda says she didn’t. She walks carefully to the door, opens it and we see a shock in her face Base where alarms sound Cut back to the house, where we see Pietro’s typical matted locks from behind. But then we see his face and it is

… Evan Peters! So that’s the big twist, folks in Age of Ultron, Pietro was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, however, due to strange rights issues, there was another Pietro in the completely separate X-Men film franchise at Fox, and that Pietro was played by Peters, of course, owns Disney now Fox and the X-Men Nothing prevents them from synthesizing the once discrete universes. What might happen here? Peters played Pietro with a completely different affect than Taylor-Johnson – all bastard self-confidence and loose pride – and it is shown here when he asks if a “long lost brother” can “crush his smelly sister to death or what?” Darcy, who is observing this, asks: “She has cast Pietro again?” Peters-Pietro sees vision and asks: “Who is the popsicle?”

So I think the X-Men have finally made it to the MCU! Or so? For folks who watch the superhero industry closely, this is a big deal – people have wondered for years how these hilarious mutants could be built into the Disney contraption, and this certainly seems like a first narrative step towards incorporating those geeks love crossovers and multiverses, and yours really is no exception, so I’ll confess that my heart has gotten faster but too There’s nothing particularly thematically interesting here, just the dizziness of cheap nerd bait It’s a step further than before, establishing the show as a major expositional part of the fictional universe (s), but it remains to be seen if that is enough to justify that the first half of this series is so boring

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WandaVision episode 5!

World News – USA – WandaVision Roundup: I want your hex

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