Vision and Wanda don’t want you to be sad So, watch the fourth episode before you read it!

So they all wanted some action while normal Marvel action didn’t last long, we got some much-needed backstories and clarification.The last couple of episodes had threat and intrigue beneath the surface, this one let it all out, It’s Wanda, It’s all Wanda Monica Rambeau had her backstory fully worked out by the time she was hit by the “slip” The backlash and aftermath of Thanos’ actions from the Infinity War and Endgame films can be felt in this episode

We saw a lot of supporting characters like Jimmy Woo and (now Doctor) Darcy Lewis, it turns out these two, alongside Monica, are more relevant to the whole story than we thought it was Jimmy, whose voice we heard on the radio in episode two , and Darcy was the one who figured out everything about Westview. This series continues to surprise with the quality and sheer weight of everything

After a point, the sitcom cover could be worn out with everything going on behind the scenes we know from this episode including one of the most terrifying revelations in Marvel it’s scary as hell but where are we going exactly? That’s a great question, we still don’t have many answers to our big questions. As Monica says at the end of the episode, “It’s Wanda, it’s all Wanda”That should tell us who is responsible here

If Wanda is the one creating this whole charade, what are the motives besides running away from reality? Wanda is one of the most tormented characters in the current MCU. Her brother was killed by Ultron. Vision was killed by Thanos. So is this all a huge defense mechanism against reality? That sure makes a lot more sense right now than some of the other theories people were floating around

When I got on the show I thought someone had to control Wanda that could still be true, but right now, and especially at the end of this episode, Wanda is the villain here I want more This current episodic release format is building the intrigue in a way The Mandalorian couldn’t By the time we hit season two of this show, every episode was worth the wait, but it wasn’t as excruciating as it was on WandaVision

Thinking about what could happen next is flying around in people’s minds – it’s all part of the larger Marvel plan.If the rest of the next phase of Marvel is like this, we’ll see some late nights and great content on the fourth As a result of WandaVision the intrigue got even higher, even further than the previous bar, and we had more questions But not in a way that feels cheap I honestly want to know what’s next

I didn’t think Marvel would come here when I watched Infinity War, I originally expected Vision’s death to be pretty graphic, luckily we weren’t full of it when Thanos ripped the Mind Stone from his head instead we have a relatively tame scene that was well worth it for this reveal, and even Wanda can’t control her machinations enough to wipe away the sight of Vision’s shell long enough.This was a harrowing moment when I saw it live, and it has the consequence Made so much better. Your state of mind is so far away that even if she saw this, she didn’t come back to reality

We have to find out next week, but if this week’s episode was any clue, it’ll be a fantastic storytelling and puzzle

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WandaVision Episode 4

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