Walt Ehmer, President and CEO of the Waffelhaus, says gradually increasing the minimum wage would satisfy workers, businesses and lawmakers of both parties

Not a single Republican Senator voted for the COVID-19 relief bill, despite popular popularity with Republican voters Stephanie Ruhle asks Cindy McCain where the party is going from here

Dave Roberts, manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, addressed the rise in anti-Asian violence in an internal email to the organization. “Over the past year, the number of hate crimes against Asian Americans and the Pacific islander community has increased dramatically,” said Roberts. I am grateful that Major League Baseball issued a statement condemning recent crimes “

The United States has identified three online Russian intelligence publications allegedly intended to undermine the COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna, a State Department spokeswoman told the outlets on Sunday that the outlets “spread many types of disinformation, including the one Vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, as well as international organizations, military conflict, protests and any controversial issue that can exploit them, “the spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which first reported the identification of the alleged campaign on Sunday

Congress is getting closer to handing over President Biden’s $ 1 $ 9 trillion coronavirus aid package without the minimum wage increase on the bill originally included Cedric Richmond, a senior adviser to President Biden, spoke to Red and Blue host Elaine Quijano on plans to push for the $ 15 minimum wage and calls to eliminate the Senate filibuster, the growing number of unaccompanied migrant children entering the U.S., Violence Against Asian Americans and Closing Racial Inequalities in the United States

Fmr Republican Congressman David Jolly responds to Lindsey Graham who argues Trump will either save or destroy the Republican Party

Peter King talks to Daniel Jeremiah about key prospects for the 2021 NFL draft

Graham told Axios on HBO that former President Donald Trump could make the party bigger, stronger and more diverse, but “could also destroy it”

Rheal Cormier, former 16-year-old Major League relief pitcher, died Monday of cancer, shared the Philadelphia Phillies with Cormier played for five different teams, but spent most of the time – six seasons – with the Phillies Cardinals drafted and spent his first four major league seasons in St Louis

Nicola Sturgeon has accused Rangers of not doing “almost enough” to discourage fans from publicly celebrating their title win, escalating the extraordinary war of words between her government and the football club during her speech at Holyrood on Tuesday the Prime Minister said she shared the public’s “anger and desperation” at the “shameful and selfish” rally held in Glasgow over the weekend. She claimed “certain football clubs” need to “show much more leadership”. Her comments came shortly after an angry Rangers counterargument in which the club encountered “totally inaccurate” comments from SNP ministers and accused Ms. Sturgeon of showing a lack of leadership by not dealing directly with the club’s Ibrox Stadium is in the constituency Glasgow from Mrs. Sturgeon In a letter to the First Minister, Douglas Park, the chairman of the Rangers, d The club was “at a loss” as to what else it could have done to prevent the chaos. He listed several cases in which management “proactively initiated a collaboration with Police Scotland, the SPFL, the Scottish government and Justice Minister Humza Yousaf” Returning to John Swinney’s Monday comments accusing Rangers of deafening silence over the wild festivities, Mr. Park said Ms. Sturgeon’s deputy failed to mention “a multitude of other public gatherings where you do not hold such a strong line have ”The SNP ministers have been more measured in their criticism of anti-racism demonstrations that took place in Scotland during the summer

At the urging of President Joe Biden’s administration, the US. The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a dispute over the legality of one of former President Donald Trump’s stringent immigration regulations that prohibited immigrants from seeking government benefits from obtaining legal permanent residence and is widely expected to criticize Trump’s approach to immigration has opposed the policy known as “public indictment”

Many interracial couples said they had something to do with Meghan and Harry’s experience of racism. Marriages between white and black Americans remain rare

India’s Foreign Office said Tuesday it had summoned the UK High Commissioner for a so-called “unwarranted and biased discussion” of Indian agricultural reforms in the UK Parliament. Three new agricultural laws that India introduced late last year have led to months of protests of farmers resenting what they see as sops for big private buyers A discussion among British lawmakers on Monday sparked anger in New Delhi accusing MPs of meddling in the internal affairs of India

The couple were invited to an overnight stay to see the queen, but at the last minute royal staff emailed them to say they could no longer visit

Despite the opinion of liberal Twitter accounts, Texas is not all Republicans, the state is home to millions of Democrats and deserves help

After the couple’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, more people have said their sympathies lie with the Queen and Royal Family than with Harry and Meghan, according to a YouGov poll. The public has been asked by YouGov who they are more comfortable with the shocking ones Revelations Sympathized During 90-Minute Interview A YouGov poll found that more than a third (36 percent) of Britons support the Queen and the Royal Family, compared with a fifth (22 percent) who said their sympathies were with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are more than a quarter (28 percent) of respondents said they didn’t sympathize with any of the parties involved.The survey also found that the general public is divided on age and politics as to whom to choose on the gap between Would like to support the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Royal Family

Lindsey Graham

World News – USA – Waffle House offers a Sen-sponsored minimum wage model to Lindsey Graham

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