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The battle at the center of a $ 1 million lawsuit against Atlanta Hawks star, Rajon Rondo, was videotaped in TMZ’s newly released clip, Rondo is seen nudging the woman who is suing him before his girlfriend falls with a slap in the face

Toktam Jorshari, the woman at the wrong end of all these beatings, claims the fight took place over a parking lot and that the couple confronted her because they parked too close to Rondo’s Rolls Royce, according to them, who are suing both Rondo and Rondo His girlfriend Jorshari also claims she was injured in the scuffle for unspecified damage in excess of $ 1 million and is suing the couple for assault and assault, emotional distress, and conspiracy

In the video, Jorshari and the couple can be seen exchanging words.When Jorshari approaches Rondo’s girlfriend, the NBA player steps in and pushes Jorshari away.Then he holds his girlfriend back briefly before letting go of her to punch Jorshari’s lawyers published a reasonably cute statement about the suit

“In the NBA, unnecessary and excessive contact is viewed as a foul by Flagrant 2, which can result in a fine, expulsion and possible suspension of a player,” said Attorney Eddie Tehrani & Arnold Gross Behavior viewed as attack and battery No man should ever pick up a woman, ESPECIALLY an NBA basketball player of superior size and strength The video speaks for itself “

“The applicant has decided to take her car two inches from Mr. Rondo’s door and the plaintiff was not in an assigned parking lot The plaintiff refused to wear a mask during a brief 30-second encounter and also refused to move her car, “Attorney Mark Baute told TMZ” The plaintiff and Mr Rondos Girlfriend had an awkward encounter that lasted about 10 seconds and Mr. Rondo tried to prevent her from further interaction, which was uncomfortable because (a) his thumb was broken and (b) the plaintiff was not wearing a mask “

Baute added that they plan to fight the case rather than settle it, and believe the case will be settled in their favor

Rajon Rondo

World news – USA – Video shows Rajon Rondo’s friend Punch Woman behind a million dollar lawsuit on her face in the parking lot