First day sale Nov 19 for the $ 50 Uncirculated 2020-W American Eagle gold coin was 97 percent of the maximum available coins

The US. Mint limited the single numismatic product to a release of 7000 coins at a price of 2490 USD per coin numbers published Nov. 20 give a turnover of 6797 of the total offered coins at

As of Nov 24 total sales rose to 6996 coins The product is listed as “currently unavailable” on the Mint website

“We’re not on this article right now, but the website says there may be more available later [pending order reconciliation]” If you enter your email address or mobile number using the “MY REMEMBER” button, you will receive all of the items in stock Messages we send about this product

Orders are only accepted through the Mint website. Orders are not accepted over the phone

The Striding Liberty design, originally executed in 1907 for the $ 20 gold eagle by Saint-Gaudens and adapted in 1986 for the Gold American Eagles, is being updated.It will be updated for production in early 2021 with the original legally mandated design of the Family of Eagles by artist Miley Busiek (now Miley Busiek Frost) combined In the middle of the year the US. Mint will introduce the new reverse design of the gold coin

The new back of the American Eagle Gold by AIP designer Jennie Norris was designed by Mint medallionist Renata Gordon

According to the coin, Norris, a former raptor volunteer handler, took inspiration from her deep connection with wildlife for her design

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American Eagle

World News – USA – Uncirculated Gold American Eagle becomes newest item to sell out