In November 2013, Hussle received national attention when he was 1000 copies of his “Crenshaw” mixtapes sold for $ 100 each at a price of 24-hour pop-up shop in Los Angeles Music mogul Jay-Z bought 100 copies of Hussle’s desire to get results as a businessman went hand in hand with his own Passion to give back to his community that took shape like advocacy for STEM education among black youth

REC Philly’s co-founder Will Toms was a student of Hussle’s entrepreneurship and identified with seeing another black man with a similar background talk about success as a marathon and using business as a tool to set new standards and like other people to support him

“When you show up as a young person you see Beyoncé and Diddy [at one end] and the other portrayal is the starving artist you know Nipsey was living proof that there is a middle ground. He built something real, that can go on forever. He was a symbol of this middle street and used this platform to diversify. A young creative should identify with this and do so in such a way that you can maintain your integrity ”

Toms valued Hussle’s way of thinking as a systems thinker and his use of vertical integration to achieve goals Vertical integration occurs when a single company owns multiple stages of production.As an independent artist, Hussle focused on how to print and distribute his own music rather than waiting for the music industry and market to respond, later using the same method for its marathon apparel store Today, REC Philly is working to provide artists with a central location where they can produce music, do photo shoots, and sell and produce goods

“It wasn’t just about the one touch point of music,” he said. “If I was a business owner, how do I think about making my own goods? First I got the t-shirt and put my picture on it But then it saves money if you own the t-shirt shop This creates property It helps to build with an example If you succeed, your role is not just that To be the mouthpiece If you understand, you don’t have to make a million t-shirts. With the t-shirt and vertical integration, the manufacturing relationship is established and then to the retailer ”

As a writer and project manager in the music business, Ashley Coleman Thomas appreciated how Hussle was able to cement the idea of ​​the working music professional.Maybe not every artist reaches the height of a Beyoncé or Diddy, but by following Hussle’s lead, she agreed with Toms that they could still have a viable career of their own by focusing on their supporters and working from there. Hussle’s philanthropy inspired her and her work with Permission To Write, an online community for aspiring writers that she leads

“Nipsey had his own careers and apparel label, but then he also started the tech department that helped Crenshaw neighborhood kids learn about STEM,” she said. “That was an investment in his community to Giving people the steps and tools to move forward in a skills economy This helped children from disadvantaged neighborhoods ”

As a writer who self-published her own books before signing a book deal with a major publisher, Thomas found the work Hussle did as an artist also a compelling case study of how to leverage as a creator Getting a Better Business Rather than settle for signing a record deal with a major record label, Hussle focused on releasing his music independently for years before signing a strategic deal with Atlantic Records in 2017

“You can determine your worth,” she said. “The idea is to create leverage. We see it with Nipsey and Jay-Z as well, that you frequently knock on doors that are closed and not for you open We live in a time when we don’t have to rely so heavily on gatekeepers We have the option to go directly to customers I’ve always wanted to write books but had no idea how to do it. But when I was one for years Blog wrote, I had a following There are a lot of things that go into managing a product, your own business, and getting to a certain point where you can use this to your advantage, you create leverage in the negotiation process and have a wealth of knowledge to develop products ”

Founder of Taste Creators, Brianna DeMayo, was also intrigued by how Hussle used leverage to his advantage as someone who often works with independent musicians to explore the best possible options, she developed a great deal of respect for his DIY mentality

“You could think of [leverage] as your credit rating,” she said. “The higher your credit rating, the more things you can get. Musically, the more you can do on your own, the less someone can do for you You get a partnership deal It goes so well with what I teach artists Set up your merch store and host your own community events If you wait for a label to do this, they’ll take most of the revenue ”

Camden-born media coordinator Adrian Poitier said community development came to mind while thinking about Hussle’s work in Crenshaw, Calif. Before his death, Hussle worked with business partner David A. Great for combating gentrification by building community centers and supporting STEM training among young adults

“As I found out more about Nipsey, I saw who he was as a person,” he said. “I learned more about his Crenshaw community so I wanted to do more in Camden. I researched his life and learned about his trial of giving back David A Gross is still building community centers for black creatives and the STEM community ”

Hussle worked zealously for entrepreneurs of all origins and knew that the results would not be achieved with immediate satisfaction, but with time and targeted effort. As he would say: “The marathon continues”

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