The trial, which is expected to begin the week of February 8, is for inciting the mob who stormed the U Capitol

Former President Donald Trump has finally found attorneys to represent him during his impeachment trial in the Senate: an ex-prosecutor who refused to indict Bill Cosby and an attorney in Alabama on ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Bruce Castor and David Schoen will replace no fewer than five other lawyers who broke up with Trump over strategy days prior to his trial for inciting the mob that stormed the U. Capitol on Jan 6

Trump allegedly wanted the former lawyers to emulate his false claim that the 2020 election had been stolen from him – the very charge that led his supporters to carry out the deadly uprising

“It’s an honor to be 45 President Donald J to represent Trump and the United States Constitution, “said Schön in a statement released by Trump

Castor added, “The strength of our constitution is being tested like never before in our history”

From 2002 to 2008, Castor served as the Republican District Attorney in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where he made a decision not to prosecute Cosby when Andrea Constand first accused the comedian of sexual assault due to a lack of evidence

Constand has settled a lawsuit against Cosby and Castor’s successor has brought charges against him. Cosby’s team attempted to dismiss the case, arguing that Castor had reached an agreement that if testimony before a criminal court were not used against him the comedian would testify in the civil case

Cosby eventually stood on trial, convicted, and in prison twice caused to lose an offer for the prosecutor from 2015 This case has been dismissed

Schoen is a veteran trial attorney who has represented federal defendants, including Trump pal Roger Stone, and plaintiffs in police and civil rights misconduct cases

The last time he hit the headlines was his meeting with pedophile sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein before he died in prison Schön said Epstein wanted him to lead his defense team

Trump’s trial is due to begin in the week of February 8 If two-thirds of the senators vote for a conviction, the Senate could vote by a simple majority to prevent him from running again

On Jan 26, 45 senators voted that the trial would be unconstitutional, making it unlikely that there will be enough Republicans to vote in favor of a conviction

David Schoen

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