It turns out that you can have good ideas for pillows and still have bad opinions about fascism

President Trump listens as Michael J. Lindell, CEO of MyPillow Incspeaks during a daily briefing about the novel coronavirus Covid-19 in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC.on the 30th March 2020

President Trump appears to have run out of options to embark on a second term The judicial challenges have not worked Pressure on Republican politicians to hold off the confirmation of the election results has not worked, inciting a crowd of thousands of his supporters to storm the U S. The Capitol Building did not work January to be sworn in as president

But Donald J. Trump won’t give in. No, he’s going to “fight like hell” just like he told his supporters before they attacked the Capitol last week. He still has a good five days to devise another unfortunate plan to stay in office , and he calls in the big guns Mike Lindell, the MAGA-friendly affordable bed entrepreneur aka MyPillow, was spotted at the White House on Friday

Why exactly does Trump spend his last days in the office with the CEO of a pillow company? Needless to say, Lindell left his notes open when he walked into the White House, and it looks like he and the president are about to talk about something that has to do with … steps that “must be taken immediately to.” save “… something, something…“ constitution ”

“… insurrection law now as a result of the attack” … something, something … “Martial law, if necessary, at the first hint of a …”

Just to reset where we are here: As states struggle to vaccinate their citizens against a relentless pandemic that is close to 400000 Americans have been killed, and the nation continues to count as a violent crowd of extremists managed to infiltrate the Capitol and kill five people to overthrow the government The President of the United States meets with a pillow seller to discuss the possibility of introducing martial law Sound About Right

This is far from the first time Trump has reached out to Lindell, perhaps the most ardent supporter of the president in the business world, the MyPillow guy has appeared at several president rallies, and even after last week’s riot, allegations have been made that Trump would remain president for another four years (Lindell described the Capitol uprising as “very peaceful” which will be good news for the five deceased) He has also advised the president on Covid-19 and allegedly helped Inspiring Trump’s promotion of an exotic plant extract as a cure (Lindell acquired a financial stake in the company that produces the product just before it was passed on to the president) Trump even invited Lindell during a coronavirus task force briefing from the White House Rose Garden speaking “Boy, are you selling those pillows?” Trump said as he voiced him created

So Trump, who brings Lindell to the White House on Friday, shouldn’t come as a surprise, which is probably more ridiculous than the visit itself. At least we have a better idea of ​​the nature of the “many calls and many meetings” that go through the entire day make up of Trump

My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell

World News – USA – Trump calls the pillow seller to discuss the possibility of martial law