WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – An angry Donald J. Trump tried to sack Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett

According to the sources, Trump was so angry about the Supreme Court rejection of his election case Tuesday that he called Barrett directly to tell her she was “history” ”

“I hired you to do a job and you didn’t do it,” Trump informed Barrett angrily. “You are out of here”

Sources say Barrett had the unenviable job of informing Trump that Supreme Court justices are appointed for life and therefore cannot be dismissed, a revelation that “stunned” Trump

“If I can’t fire someone I want, I might not want to be president anymore,” he supposedly mumbled

None of these thirty-six films made a difference in the nation’s crisis this year – but the intrinsic truth of experience and the authenticity of emotions in and of themselves purify a tainted media sphere

From Trump’s impressions to the extinction comedy to Sacha Baron Cohen’s punking by Rudy Giuliani, the humor of 2020 managed to shed light on a dark time

I thought I had made it as an actor when I went to ConanInstead, I thought about the Jewish fight against oppression

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Amy Coney Barrett

World News – USA – Trump tries to fire Amy Coney Barrett

Source: https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/trump-attempts-to-fire-amy-coney-barrett