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PHILADELPHIA – The 2021 NFL league year is just around the corner and Zach Ertz is still a member of the Philadelphia Eagles

Some people are scratching their heads the sides seem destined for a split since the extension talks collapsed last off-season, putting a strain on the relationship in this process Ertz is ripe for a fresh start Philadelphia is tight against the salary cap, has Dallas Goedert in the fold and is in the middle of a youth movement All the signs are there

Efforts have been made to get a deal behind the scenes The Eagles gave Ertz permission to seek a deal about a month ago, but the proposed compensation in return for the three-time pro bowler clearly didn’t blow the Eagles away

The fact is, like quarterback Carson Wentz, the Eagles are selling to a rock bottom, 30-year-old Ertz has had an injury-related season that saw 36 catches for 335 yards and a touchdown in 11 games played on a base salary of $ 825 million this year, and money is tight across the league (apparently for every team except the New England Patriots) because the cap is down ($ 182 million)

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• Tracking of signatures, cuts, trades, more »
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Philadelphia managed to get cap compliance even without Ertz – a move that would bring about $ 4 million in relief, one theory has been that the Eagles want to carry Ertz into league year to show off the teams that Ertz in the hope that they mean business to hold on to him, and will continue to do so, if they do not receive adequate value in return

Maybe the offers will increase as we move deeper into the off-season? But given the circumstances, the Eagles are likely looking for a day 3 draft pick for their Super Bowl LII hero, despite the big stats and numerous awards he’s received over the past eight seasons. Finally, Eagles General Manager Howie Rosman & Co has to come to terms with it in order to make a deal. If so, here are four trading goals that make the most sense and are worth keeping an eye on:

The Chargers have just lost Hunter Henry to the Patriots in the NFL Free Agency.Henry had 60 catches for 613 yards and four touchdowns last season while serving as one of quarterback Justin Herbert’s primary targets during his rookie campaign, Ertz would be a reliable companion for Herbert as he looks to improve his sophomore game A deal would bring Ertz back to his home state of California and put him in an excellent position to have a rebound season after a rough 2020 season that landing site is one of the most logical

The Seahawks are already low on resource drafts, they currently have four 2021 picks and are left with no first and third place finishes due to the Jamal Adams trade but they could use help on the tight end Greg Olsen announced his resignation in January and their other tight ends last season, Will Dissly and Jacob Hollister, together for less than 500 yards at Russell Wilson may have blockers on his mind – not exactly Ertz’s strong suit – but maybe his mood could be improved by the addition of Ertz, a technician who knows how to get open and provide the kind of coveted quarterbacks for security blankets to be stepped up

“Only the New York Jets gave up more yards for opposing bottlenecks than the Bills last season. Meanwhile, Buffalo’s tight ends were not productive in 2020, averaging the fourth-smallest yards per game that NFL General Manager Brandon Beane played during his season-end press conference on changes in position at adding a player like Ertz would put a close end to the Bills for opponents to consider even if he were a second or third option behind Stefon Diggs and possibly Cole Beasley or Gabriel Davis ”

The Bills on Tuesday traded one of their tight ends, Lee Smith, for the Atlanta Falcons to make a late pick

Around the time of the Wentz deal last month, there was talk that Ertz might be included in the package, but nothing came of it (obviously). Ertz has no shortage of allies in the building, including trainer Frank Reich and Wentz, who is one of Ertz’s closest friends, these are two powerful voices standing up for you, however, there are some interesting dynamics playing with this one, as part of the Wentz deal, as part of the Wentz deal, the Indy Eagles received a conditional selection for the second round 2022, which may turn into a top-tier classic based largely on the percentage of the snaps played by Wentz, it is in Philadelphia’s best interest to give the Colts another weapon when design positioning is at stake, and Indianapolis’ performance in that Season is bound?

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