Dustin Diamond, who became famous on the teen sitcom “Saved by the Bell” when he played Samuel “Screech” Powers, died on Monday to a TMZ report He was 44 years old

“Saved by the Bell” reruns had a huge impact on 90s kids like me Up to four episodes were broadcast on weekday afternoons on WGN and TBS, the perfect break for another eight hours at school

Things ended up awkwardly between him and the other cast members, but Diamond helped create a great sitcom character, and often too, in Screech, the nerdy and kind-hearted comic book relief on the high school set show Sidekick, or accomplice, starred in Zack Morris’ many plans in Bayside

It’s hard to pick a favorite episode, but we’ve narrowed down 10 of our favorite episodes that show Diamond at his best. We’ve been sticking to what we consider the golden age of Saved by the Bell which means there are no “College Years” or “New Class” (or “Good Morning Miss Bliss”)

Screech is struck by lightning and given the ability to see into the future Zack uses it to win bets against Slater and cheat an intermediate exam. No wonder for fans of “Zack Morris is Trash” that Zack would look for ways to profit from his friend’s near-death experience. A highlight: Screech’s imitation of the fast-speaking History teacher Mr. Testaverde is on the phone with Mr Belding

In an attempt to cheer a lovesick screech up enough to complete its science project, Zack pretends to know a girl who cares about screeches, but things get complicated soon. It’s actually Zack’s voice as “Bambi” on the other end of Screech’s romantic calls, and later the two meet (Zack in Drag) to end things amicably. An early look at Screech’s prolonged eager pursuit of Lisa Turtle

After Kelly discovers she’s failing in science, she is tutored by Screech and soon has a crush on him Screech and Kelly! What a break for this child who has suffered years of agony from his “best friend” Zack. His brain brings the girl to him! At least until they find they don’t have much in common when Screech admits he doesn’t love George Michael

Perhaps the best overall Screech episode that features his adorable romance with Violet Anne Bickerstaff (Tori Spelling) Zack and Slater are staying at Screech for the weekend throwing a party where they break a precious household item with his buddy Zack bringing him in all kinds of trouble, destroy the Elvis statue and play away her beloved pet, the Hound Dog. But Screech’s good nature shines through and conquers the hearts of Violet and the audience

Screech and Slater compete in Bayside’s Miss Bayside beauty pageant, with the winner making an attempt to attend Miss High School in California, a fun episode that explores sexism and gender politics, largely thanks to Jessie Spano, but Screech stands up focus again

Chess wars between Bayside and rival Valley turn ugly and lead to petty theft and kidnapping Bayside’s champion Screech looks dominate and impress his beloved Violet before Valley steals his lucky beret while Zack and Slater are Nab Valley’s star players and Russian exchange student ” Queen’s Gambit “owes it all to this episode!

Screech’s family recipe for spaghetti sauce is causing a stir at school, so of course Zack smells like money. The group markets the sauce and gives “Screech-a-mia” instant fame and a new girlfriend (Soleil Moon Frye!) who only interested in his “E” P.”(Earning Power) You learn that Screech’s grandmother actually stole the recipe from a cookbook“ Of course she did. Grandma was a lousy cook! “

Zack and Lisa ?! When she receives news that a recruiter from a top fashion institute wants to interview her, the gang helps her host a fashion show at The Max.When tight working conditions mean Zack and Lisa are romantically involved, Screech is broken and angry at his best Friend Screech confronts Zack with the fight, but ultimately blesses their union that doesn’t last beyond this episode

To go on a ski trip, Zack and Slater plan to ease tension between Mr. Belding and the Bayside teachers called for a strike, but the plan puts the annual Academic Bowl at risk, especially if Screech catches a cold (after wearing Zack and Slater’s skis on the trip) In the hospital, Screech has to suspend it and let Zack lead the way across the rival valley. While Zack devours the fame, it’s always fun to see the smarts of the future Valedictorian Screech

With graduation imminent, Zack learns that he has short credit and will have to play ballet to finish high school, while the main focus is on the show’s lead actor, the subplot of Screech outshines that he learns his grades outshine him the Valedictorian of Bayside Knowing that Valedictorian was long Jessie’s dream, he gives up the distinction before she learns the truth and acknowledges her friend’s accomplishment. Another positive lesson where Screech puts his friends’ feelings first / p>

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