Tinsley Mortimer didn’t see her break up with Scott Kluth A source close to the former Real Housewives of New York City star tells ET that she was “absolutely blind” when Kluth broke off her engagement , and is confused about why he would run to the press to explain their relationship ended before they had a chance to talk about it

“It’s so strange that he runs to the press when he hates the press,” the source says, “It seems like he’s trying to control the narrative and create a timeline that just isn’t true is He humiliates her “

Kluth claimed in a statement to People Thursday that he and Mortimer silently canceled things months ago, but ET’s source says that is also not true, according to the source, Kluth only ended their engagement last week, after falling into “old patterns” of engagement problems

However, the couple had been separated for the past two months traveling for personal and business reasons. Mortimer had just returned to their shared home in Chicago with her mother, Dale Mercer, from a stay in Palm Beach, Florida, when Kluth left had separated from her, it says in the source

“She didn’t know this was over,” adds the source. “She obviously doesn’t want this. She left her life for him”

Mortimer was introduced to CouponCabin’s CEO in February 2017 by RHONY castmate Carole Radziwill.The couple stayed up to date until they got engaged in November 2019. Last year, Mortimer announced that they would be moving to Chicago to meet Kluth to be together, and in June she announced she was leaving RHONY

According to the ET source, Mortimer worked for Scott’s CouponCabin company since parting with Real Housewives

“He got her to leave the show and promised they would get married,” claims the source. “She definitely wouldn’t have left the show if Scott hadn’t given her an ultimatum. He took her away from her career, because she wanted to be a real housewife with Scott. She wanted a family and he took that away too “

The source doesn’t yet know what Mortimer’s next move is but doesn’t rule out a return to RHONY for more information, see the video below

Tinsley Mortimer and fiance Scott Kluth Split

Tinsley Mortimer Confirms Real Housewives of New York City Outcome

“RHONY” star Tinsley Mortimer engaged to Scott Kluth

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Tinsley Mortimer

World News – USA – Tinsley Mortimer ‘Blindsided’ by Scott Kluth Split, Says Source

Source: https://www.etonline.com/tinsley-mortimer-blindsided-by-scott-kluth-split-after-leaving-her-life-for-him-source-says-162565