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On Saturday night, Damian Lillard met one of the wildest summer beaters you’ve ever seen to lift the Portland Trail Blazers over the Chicago Bulls A day later, the Washington Wizards and Brooklyn Nets somehow managed to team up on an even more outrageous result

The Wizards fell behind at one point around 18 and stormed back to claim a 149-146 win, and while the entire fourth quarter, with the two teams scoring 86 points, was exciting, it has been the last Seconds really crazy

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We’re going to pick up at 12. 3 seconds left when Kyrie Irving hit two free throws to give the Nets a 146-141 lead At this point the game seemed to be over but Bradley Beal came down leaving a deep 3- Pointer from the top of the key to make it a two-point game and give the wizards a chance

The Wizards took advantage of this chance after Joe Harris panicked and threw the inbound pass straight at Garrison Matthews then found Russell Westbrook burying his own 3-ball Six points in eight seconds and suddenly the Wizards were on 147-146 again in front

BEAL THREE WIZARDS STEAL RUSS DREI WIZARDS LEAD 🤯 @ WashWizards 147 @ BrooklynNets 146Nets Ball with 43 left on @NBATV BildTwittercom / sScCTrzRys

Just things weren’t over yet The nets had the ball and a chance to win by 4 3 seconds left and understandably they tried to go to Kevin Durant for a split second it looked like he was for a Layup cleared, but Westbrook flew in to deflect the inbound pass

Then the nets had to take it out with 2 on the baseline, another 9 seconds and more madness followed Kyrie Irving started moving as he tried to find an angle for a pass while the Wizards broadcast team yelled for the umpires No whistle sounded, and Irving found a cutting Timothy Luwawu-Cabarrot just making room for his potential game-winning layup to roll around

Beal was subsequently fouled and went to the other end to score two free throws to place the Wizards between 149 and 146 After the buzzer that officially ended the game, there was a Durant slap

When you are done with all of this, take a look at some of the absurd numbers from this high-scoring affair:

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World News – USA – Wizards breathtaking win over Nets offers a wild finish that has to be seen to be believed