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Week 17 hard calls

Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

Even with Russell Westbrook and No. 9 overall selection Deni Avdija, the expectations of the Washington Wizards in the season weren’t exactly high. Nevertheless, they would have hoped that things would go better. On Tuesday evening, the Wizards lost to the Chicago Bulls (115-107 ) and fell to 0: 4

in the season

They are now one of only four teams in the league without a win and they have their worst start since the horrific 2012/13 season when they lost their first 12 games, it’s hard to imagine it going to be that bad this time around, however at the moment the wizards seem to have no answers and the bad start is already taking a toll on the stars of the team

One of the most competitive players in the league, Westbrook was seen pouting on the bench after Tuesday’s loss, assistant coach Robert Pack finally came over to say a few words before Westbrook finally walked into the locker room

Afterward, Westbrook realized how difficult it was for him to lose.He has won teams throughout his career and has only missed the playoffs once since his rookie season

“It’s a tough time but you have to find out, especially for me,” Westbrook said. “I really hate losing so it’s hard for me to reset myself. But as a leader, you can’t lead when that is.” Things Go Well You must lead when things don’t go your way “

Beal simply declined to speak to the media on Tuesday night, which makes it pretty clear how he feels.It’s worth noting that Beal was hit in the head while losing to the Bulls and will be checked for a concussion had to, but he returned and finished the game

What’s worse for the Wizards is that they didn’t have a brutal schedule – losses to the 76s, Magic (twice), and Bulls – and there’s really not much more any of their stars can do with Beal when he was 32 Points per game excellent, which is good for third place in the league, while Westbrook scores an (n inefficient) triple-double average at 19 points (13), 7 rebounds and 127 assists

Between the pandemic, the shortened training camp, and no fans at games, this is a strange season on several fronts, and as the wizards show, it will take some teams to adapt

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Russell Westbrook

World news – USA – The 4-0 start of the Wizards leaves Russell Westbrook frustrated on the bench, Bradley Beal avoids the media