Tessica Brown, known to her followers as @im_d_ollady on TikTok, posted an update after using gorilla glue in her hair

The TikToker went viral earlier this week after telling the world she used the product on her hair instead of spray. Now she is letting her followers know that she decided to seek medical treatment after herself haven’t moved their hair in a month

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Tessica alleged she was in a medical facility and posted a photo of the outside of the building in another post showing her lying in an exam room with a doctor putting some type of topical ointment on her hair and applying her scalp

While Tessica didn’t provide any further details, the comments were soon filled with supportive words from people who followed her story, “Good luck!” Many of her followers wrote, others shared that they were sending prayers in the hope that she would get better soon

TikToker Tessica Brown, known on the app as @im_d_ollady, didn’t know she’d go viral if she put gorilla glue in her hair in place of her hold spray, but life finds ways to surprise you, it’s no secret that everyone wants edges when doing their hair, whether it is a slim ponytail or a blowout There are a variety of ways to “lay” Edges, from edge control and an edge brush to brushing off with hold spray When she ran out of hold spray, Tessica decided to use Gorilla glue instead. While the glue certainly laid her ponytail, isn’t it the ideal image of “laid”? She did because now her hair doesn’t move after a month

Tessica wanted a low, sleek, braided ponytail and that’s the style she has, but it wasn’t achieved in the way your normal low ponytail would be The deep side part ponytail with a swoop front is usually made with gel and / or edge control done and secured with freeze spray. In her case, she wanted to use Got 2B glue, a popular glue for fabric and lean ponytail styles, but she was out in the hopes of still having a shabby ponytail, Tessica used Gorilla glue Yes who have favourited the kind of gorilla glue that is used to glue plastics together “Bad, bad, bad idea,” Tessica said in a TikTok video

“For those of you” who all know me, all know my hair has been this way for a month It’s not my choice ???? Tessica told her followers she expressed that she tried to wash her hair and they are stuck “My hair it doesn’t move”I’ve washed my hair fifteen times and it doesn’t move She said

According to the original video, she even tried putting shampoo on it in another video and of course it didn’t budge

Now that Tessica went viral, Tessica has now invested all social media in the hair journey.She went on Instagram to let everyone know about the process, claiming she applied coconut and tea tree oil to her hair with plastic when someone commented and asked if it works, she replied: “Noâ ????

According to Gorilla Glue’s website, the glue can be removed with acetone but with the way acetone dries out nails and skin, we can only imagine how much Tessica is drying on the scalp or how much damage it is already doing We do not recommend using our products in or on hair as they are considered permanent. If someone uses this on their hair, they can try soaking the affected area in warm soapy water or applying alcohol to the affected area Gorilla Glue said in a statement to Beauty IRL â ???? If, in so many aggressive attempts to wash it out, your hair has actually been stuck to your scalp and motionless for a month, it is possible that your hair is broken at the root, but we hope for the best your marketing team has done contacted us and we offered to speak to her to share these suggestions and review her wellbeing. Safety is our top priorityâ ????

Whatever you do, please don’t try at home.If you’re ever faced with a similar dilemma lacking hairspray or gel, dab your hairbrush in water and brush your hair backwards if you have oils you can add these to the hair as they add weight to the hair.It may not be as elegant as you want it to be, but at least it’ll move when you’re ready to remove it, whatever you do, avoid gorilla glue for hair purposes!

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