6 December 2020; Seattle, Washington, USA; New York Giants defensive end Niko Lalos (57) reacts after fumbling against the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field in the second quarter.Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Giants have just arrived in Seattle and had the biggest surprise of the season yet – this team is starting to show why the entire NFL should be notified

On 9 January 2020, Joe Judge had NY Giants fans ready to run through a wall during his introductory press conference December – his team went to Seattle, ran through their opponent, and punched the Seahawks in the mouth on their way to victory

The NY Giants have found their perfect level of evil – and they’re using it to kick off an unprecedented playoff run After the Seattle win on Sunday was ousted by division rivals and knocked down by record-winning teams for years, it means it a change of guard for the Giants … and maybe also for the NFC East

General Manager Dave Gettleman’s vision was a team that would win the trenches, play defense, and run football. Against the Seahawks, the judge’s coaching team brought his vision to life

Perhaps none deserves more credit than Defense Coordinator Patrick Graham What he did to Russell Wilson with a defense that lacked the top 4 edge rushers was nothing short of amazing – a pass rush that the MVP contestants had with multiple picks of the seventh round made nervous

After hiring the fans with little to no fanfare, they are now praying that he won’t get a head coaching gig this off-season – although it would be well deserved

First year coaching staff (which usually doesn’t have to contend with a global pandemic either) shouldn’t take to the streets and defeat a Super Bowl contender – Judge, Graham, and the rest of the coaching staff prove that your observations so far don’t point to them apply

The best player in Graham’s defense, Leonard Williams, brought on by Gettleman from the New York Jets on a train killed by fans and media alike, has played at elite level Apart from Aaron Donald, no center-back has been better

On the offensive, the Giants received two touchdowns from Alfred Morris After spending almost a year outside of football, he made a strong contribution to the Giants and was allowed to complete a home run twice in the Seattle end zone

Backup quarterback Colt McCoy did just enough to help the Giants win, but Daniel Jones’ return from a hamstring injury should help the offensive find another gear with Wayne Gallman and Morris running a strong running game , Jones should have plenty of options to get started with the action game he has enjoyed in his career so far

Perhaps the most closely scrutinized unit since Gettleman’s tenure began was the offensive line they’ve been dominant over the past few weeks, even with newbies, a converted security guard in the middle, and players who never considered ” especially “were classified

Perhaps the best way to gauge the development of the offensive line was just to take a look at the Seattle Seahawks who brought in Chad Wheeler, the starting gun for the former Giants, in the second half. Wheeler was constantly being led by Jabaal Sheard and Carter Coughlin who aren’t exactly Michael Strahan or Justin Tuck – but you’d have thought they were

The judging team is full of players and coaches who have been written off all the time, but they have used that to their advantage, which all adds to their rudeness and willingness to do anything every week

While Judge and Graham are becoming more and more well-known in the league, coaches such as offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, coach Freddie Kitchens and coach Bret Bilema have already had top-class coaching appearances from outside. All three have “failed” at their last stops, but have a cultural change the giants contributed

Judge has been setting the tone he expects from his players and coaches all season, but he put his money where his mouth is when he fired offensive line coach Marc Colombo when you don’t get the team first bring along, you will not be part of this team

For the first time in a long time, giant fans have a team to be proud of. Break out those hats, shirts and jerseys with pride, it’s going to be a fun ride for the rest of the year

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