The Virginia Cavaliers will open the NCAA 2021 tournament on Saturday night.Because the No. 4 seed, UVA will be the No. 13 seeded Ohio Bobcats, and with that, Craig Disselkamp returns with The 2-4-7 ahead of today’s March Madness -Affair back

Craig will break down the 2 main matchups, 4 players influencing the game, and 7 notable stats in today’s game. But first, let’s take another look at how you can see the game:

Kihei Clark vs. Jason Preston: It’s been a while since Kihei Clark last played an NCAAT game, but that was a pretty important game.He was a key tooth in the 2019 National Championship, and it will be exciting to see him Cutting off his second round UVa needs his leadership and experience, as well as his ability to defend and play on the ball looking for a defense in Ohio that isn’t their strong point, according to Clark, to efficiently find his teammates in good positions on the other Side, Preston is probably the most important player in this game, if he doesn’t have a game that lives up to his standards, Ohio probably doesn’t have a great way to win, averaging 17 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists per game with 53% shooting and 41% from a distance. Although he is clearly a skilled marksman, most of his damage is done in the bow on UVa, who had intermittent problems stopping the entry into the lane, has to do just that against Preston Look for Kihei Clark, Reece Beekman and Casey Morsell (I assume he is healthy as he is in one of the pictures on Instagram which UVa Basketball posted) to give everyone a chance to check out Preston

Sam Hauser vs. Ben Vander Plas: These are the types of games Sam Hauser was looking for when he moved from Marquette to UVa What happened in Greensboro last week was bad for a lot of reasons One of them was that Hauser had a real tear and hopefully the week off for UVa had no effect on that.He scored at least 18 points in each of UVa’s last five games, including 20 in three of those games. In tournament games, UVa needs their best players, to shine and this is Hauser Ohio struggling on every level of defense and looking for Hauser to take advantage of his matchup by showing off his inside-out game to Vander Plas, who has a much-discussed relationship with UVa coach Tony Bennett, is a damn good player on his own.He averages 13ppg and shoots about 36% from depth at 6’8.Over half of his three point attempts are out of three, so UVa has to watch the pick-and-pop action that Ohio is having Preston and Vander Plas will perform underdogs usually need to score three hits to win, and Vander Plas is a key player in that regard

Jay Huff: Against a team that has a significant height advantage no matter who throws Ohio at them, this is a game Jay Huff needs to dominate UVa should play through Huff inside-out and he should easily have double-digit attempts to shoot him can float on the perimeter at times and he should use that skill to his advantage, but this is a game to show off his inner play against an overmatched central defense in Ohio.Huff also has the ability to find the open man when Ohio tries A key for Huff in this case will be his ability to block shots to remove defensive errors on the perimeter, given Preston’s ability in this regard, Huff is seen as the next line of defense if Ohio is able to get on the trail to come

Trey Murphy III: Everything that happened last week was lost that Murphy seems to be back on track with his third straight double-digit performance, his defensive flexibility could be vital in this game, especially if it is a post guy who can’t play given Ohio’s lack of size, it wouldn’t surprise me if Murphy is short on the front lines, if Murphy occasionally moves on to the four for another guard on the pitch against the perimeter – Getting People from Ohio One of my favorite things that I saw late in the season was Murphy’s offensively heightened aggression.He is clearly a dead eye shooter, but if he continues to add his isolation / penetration game to his game, both will UVa as well as Murphy all the harder to stop

Dwight Wilson III: Wilson will be intimately familiar with the Commonwealth after spending his first three years at JMU. The senior forward averages 15 ppg and 75 rebounds. He shoots an impressive 67% off the field and scores about three offensive rebounds per game UVa needs to know where he is when the shots rise and given the size of Huff this is a matchup he should be able to dominate the glass however Wilson knows how to score, and will try to get some simple baskets inside Ohio that comes with the Preston intrusion and the Vander Plas shooting that is a very formidable three headed monster that UVa can defend, all with different skills and strengths, and all are High schooler Preston will likely get his, but UVa needs to make sure people like Wilson don’t go too

Ben Roderick: Speaking of the shooting, Roderick is a formidable 6-5 sophomore who has more than doubled his score since his junior year.He averages over 12 ppg and shoots up on nearly six tries out of three roughly 41% Simply put, UVa needs to keep in touch with Roderick over half of his brands and nearly two-thirds of his attempts come from three and could be an X-factor in this game UVa has seen underdogs hit a couple of threes before , and Roderick is a lead contestant for this type of role Look for Reece Beekman or Trey Murphy to get that contract, and UVa has to be careful that shooters like Roderick don’t double up if Preston gets on the trail

Given what UVa has been through this week, this game is pretty impossible to predict given UVa’s lack of practice all week, no one can imagine how she’ll come out in this case, let alone that we were due to her COVID -19 positives don’t know who is eligible for this test, with all that said, I still like UVa in this game I think we’re going to see one of the better defensive efforts UVa has made all season, you’ve no doubt heard that all the pundits have been predicting they’ll lose all week and I think the defending champions will take that personally Led by a dominating performance from Jay Huff on both ends of the floor, UVa will have enough to get into the second round as Jason Preston will still impress but I think UVa is able to do the secondary goal options well enough to take the win and start the second round on Monday

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