WASHINGTON â ???? White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients says it is important for Congress to pass President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 bill to keep the vaccination boost and more testing capacity to contain the virus

Zients says administration is determined to meet Biden’s goal of 100 million shots in 100 days, and more if it can. But his best advisor, Andy Slavitt, also says it would take 500 million shots to get everyone Vaccinate Americans aged 16 and over

Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” has a total price of $ 1 9 trillion, which keeps some Republicans in Congress from holding back, but most of the cost is to prop up the economy

About $ 400 billion has been earmarked for actions specifically aimed at combating the virus, including drastically increasing the rate of vaccination and building an infrastructure for extensive testing

Dr Fauci says vaccines can adapt to coronavirus variants, according to the CDC guide, the US could be by February 514000 deaths hit 20 EU of 27 nations criticized for slow launch of vaccine campaign AstraZeneca and EU meet in Brussels to discuss delays in vaccine production US. Increase in vaccine shipments for complaints about bottlenecks IOC, Tokyo Olympics, reveals pandemic control framework

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WASHINGTON â ???? DR Anthony Fauci says there is cause for concern about the impact of some coronavirus mutations on vaccines, but scientists have many options for adjustments to keep vaccines and treatments effective

The government’s leading infectious disease expert says the so-called South African variant is of particular concern as laboratory tests have shown that it can reduce the protective power of previously approved vaccines

Fauci, however, emphasized that the level of protection is still well within what he called a “pillow” the effectiveness of the vaccine

Fauci says a vaccine that is still under test will be measured for effectiveness against the South African variant and another strain that has emerged in Brazil, calling this a promising development

WASHINGTON â ???? White House Coronavirus Coordinator Jeff Zients says in the Biden government’s first official brief of the pandemic that officials will always stick to science and the level of the public

Rochelle Walensky, the new head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says her agency’s latest forecast shows the U.S. will be between 479000 and 514There are 20


According to Zients, the Federal Ministry of Health and Human Services is acting on Wednesday to provide more vaccine delivery professionals, and the government will empower retired nurses and doctors to deliver vaccines, and in Professionals licensed in one state may administer shots in other states. Such procedures are fairly common in health emergencies

APELDOORN, Netherlands â ???? The 27-nation EU is criticized for the slow launch of its vaccination campaign

The Bloc, a collection of many of the richest countries in the world, is not doing well compared to countries like Israel, Britain, and the United States, while Israel has given at least one shot of a two-dose vaccine to over 40% of its population and this one The number in the UK is 10%, the EU total is just over 2%

Uncomfortable regulations and paperwork in some countries and poor planning in other countries have contributed to the delay, as has a more deliberate approval process for the recordings Some drug manufacturers say they cannot meet their initial vaccine doses due to problems with expanding production capacity / p>

MADRID â ???? Spanish health authorities say they are running out of COVID-19 vaccines due to delays in delivery by pharmaceutical companies

Northeast Catalonia, home of Barcelona, ​​says that 10000 people who received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine were unable to receive the required second dose as scheduled 21 days later

The regional authorities for the Madrid area also say they have stopped giving the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine to ensure that those waiting for a second shot can get it as planned

Spain has managed 95% of the 1, according to the Ministry of Health, 3 million vaccines were received under the EU plan, only 123000 people received the full vaccine Spain and the rest of the European Union have suffered delays since Pfizer announced a temporary cut in supplies two weeks ago to expand its facility in Puurs, Belgium

ATLANTA â ???? Georgia Gov Brian Kemp announced that the state will receive more coronavirus vaccines from the federal government every week

Georgia’s weekly allotment will close at almost 26000 cans to 145900 doses rise, Kemp said that’s a 16 percent increase from the current 120000 cans

The announcement did not specify when the change would take effect, it came hours after state officials said they might not see their weekly vaccine allocation spike until April

“While we still believe that demand will far outstrip supply for the foreseeable future, this is definitely welcome news and we will work around the clock to ensure that these vaccines are distributed as quickly as possible and safely administered”???? Said Kemp in a statement

WINFIELD, Kan a ???? Public health officials are trying to determine if a variant of coronavirus is causing a new outbreak in a Kansas prison

Dr Lee Norman, secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, says there had been no cases in the Winfield Correctional Facility for weeks before a “whole batch of cases” broke out The Wichita Eagle reports

The Kansas Department of Corrections reported that Winfield Prison currently had 69 inmate cases and eight employee cases nationwide since the pandemic began on Monday628 inmates and 1174 employees infected

According to Norman, the outbreak shows why vaccinating inmates early is important as they are part of the second phase, along with those 65+ and key workers

HARARE, Zimbabwe â ???? Zimbabwe buried three senior officials who died of the coronavirus in a single ceremony

Pallbearers in full protective gear rolled the coffins of two cabinet ministers and a former head of Zimbabwean prisons on a red carpet to the funeral with military honors

Sibusiso Moyo, the country’s foreign minister, was best known as the military general who televised the 2017 coup against then-President Robert Mugabe. The coup ended Mugabe’s 37-year rule

Zimbabwe has lost four ministers to the coronavirus Zimbabwe has not yet received vaccines President Emmerson Mnangagwa said government health officials are still deciding which vaccine to purchase

BRUSSELS â ???? The European Union’s dispute with AstraZeneca intensified when the Anglo-Swedish drug maker denied EU claims that it had stopped talks on vaccine supply

AstraZeneca plans to meet with EU officials in Brussels later in the day Talks will be third in as many days AstraZeneca dismissed EU allegations that the company failed to deliver on coronavirus vaccine delivery promises

The Anglo-Swedish drug maker said last week it plans to reduce initial shipments in the EU from 80 million to 31 million doses, according to AstraZeneca, the amounts in its contract with the EU were targets due to problems with enlargement the production capacity could not be reached

The 450 million EU is lagging behind in rolling out coronavirus vaccines for its healthcare workers and the most vulnerable

DHAKA, Bangladesh â ???? Bangladesh began vaccinating against coronavirus in the country’s capital in hopes of delivering more than 30 million doses in the next few months

Runu Beronica Costa, a senior nurse at Kurmitola General Hospital, received the first shot of AstraZeneca-Oxford University’s vaccine.This was followed by a doctor, military officer, traffic cop, and a senior official in the government’s Department of Health

Their vaccination was broadcast live as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina witnessed the trial from afar and thanked them Hasina urged everyone to come forward so they could finally get their shots

The campaign began when Bangladesh received 7 million doses from India since Thursday. Two million doses were gifts from the Government of India while the rest were bought from the Serum Institute of India

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates ???? Bahrain says it has discovered a mutated strain of the coronavirus in the island kingdom and will let students study from home for the next three weeks

The island on the Persian Gulf off Saudi Arabia also says that it would cease dining services in restaurants and cafes for the next three weeks

Restrictions begin on Sunday The kingdom was unable to determine which strain of virus it had discovered in an announcement by the state-run Bahrain news agency

Bahrain has tried to vaccinate its public amid the pandemic000 confirmed cases of the virus and 370 deaths registered

NICOSIA, Cyprus â ???? Cyprus ???? Health minister said a steady decline in coronavirus infections three weeks after a nationwide lockdown allows the gradual, targeted lifting of closures and restrictions to begin

Constantinos Ioannou says the first to reopen on February will be hair and beauty salons, followed a week later by retail stores, malls and elementary school students in their senior year of high school will be back in class on February 8

He says it is forecast to be around 100 by the end of March000 people will be vaccinated, including those over 80 and frontline health workers

MOSCOW â ???? Moscow’s mayor lifted some coronavirus restrictions in the Russian capital, pointing to a downward trend in new infections

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin says employers are no longer required to have 30% of their staff work from home, although there is a recommendation to continue doing so. Sobyanin has also allowed cafes, restaurants and bars to work between 11 p.m. and 6 am

In the last week, the number of new infections has 2000 to 3000 per day not exceeded More than 50% of beds in coronavirus hospitals are free for the first time since mid-June Sobyanin said the pandemic is decreasing and it is our duty to create conditions in which the economy can recover as soon as possibleâ ????

The number of new coronavirus infections reported by Russian authorities has declined this month, by up to 25000 per day in early January to under 20000 dropped this week in Moscow, the number of new infections every day fell from around 5 on Wednesday000 two weeks ago to below 2000

Russia has reported a total of 3.7 million confirmed coronavirus cases and over 70000 deaths in pandemic In December, Russian authorities launched a vaccination campaign with the domestically developed Sputnik V, which is still in advanced studies to ensure its safety and effectiveness

PARIS â ???? French drug maker Sanofi says it will help produce 125 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine developed by rivals Pfizer and BioNTech while its own vaccine candidate faces delays

BioNTech, based in Germany, will initially manufacture the vaccines in Sanofi plants in Frankfurt starting in the summer, according to a Sanofi statement. The company did not disclose any financial details of the agreement

The French government has asked Sanofi to use its facilities to manufacture competing vaccines, given the high demand and problems with supplying the few vaccines that are already available

Sanofi and UK partner GlaxoSmithKline will start a new phase 2 study of their COVID-19 vaccine next month, Sanofi said.The two companies said last month that their vaccine won’t be ready until the end of 2021 because of effectiveness of the shot in the elderly had to be improved

BEIJING â ???? China has given more than 22 million coronavirus vaccinations to date as it runs a drive ahead of the New Year holidays next month, health officials said on Wednesday
Efforts, which began six weeks ago, targeting key groups such as doctors and transport workers, have sped up vaccinations in China. Over 1 several months before the campaign began, 6 million doses were given

“???? The vaccination has continued steadily and properly”Zeng Yixin, vice chairman of the National Health Commission, said at a press conference

He said that 76 million doses had been administered by Tuesday, it is not clear how many people represent since the vaccine was given in two doses, and some may have received their second shot

China, which largely stopped the spread of the virus last spring, has seen new outbreaks in four northern provinces this winter800 new cases reported including two deaths

The authorities strongly discourage people from traveling during the New Year holidays During this period, Chinese people traditionally return to their hometowns for family celebrations

NEW DELHI â ???? India vaccinated 2 million health workers in less than two weeks and 12 in the last 24 hours689 new coronavirus positive cases registered, a sharp drop from a high of nearly 100000 in mid-September

The Ministry of Health said the daily incidence was 9 on Tuesday102 cases under 10000 fell The daily new positive cases were on the 4th June last year 9304

India’s deaths rose from a high of 1 May in the past 24 hours089 daily deaths in September back to 137. India’s total positive cases since the epidemic began has reached 106 million, the second highest after the United States with 2,543 million cases

India started vaccinating Health Workers 16 in January in what is likely the largest COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the world

India is home to the world’s largest vaccine makers, authorities hope to shoot 300 million people, recipients include 30 million doctors, nurses and other frontline workers

SEOUL, South Korea â ???? South Korea has reported a new 559 cases of the coronavirus, the highest daily increase in 10 days as health workers sought to slow transmission in religious settings that have been a major source of infection throughout the pandemic

The numbers released by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency on Wednesday put the national case number at 76429 increased, including 1378 deaths

The agency said 112 of the new cases came from the southwestern city of Gwangju, where more than 100 infections have been linked to a mission school to date. An affiliate facility in downtown Daejeon has been linked to more than 170 infections. p>

Nearly 300 of the new cases came from the Seoul metropolitan area, which is home to half of the country’s 51 million people, where infections have emerged in various locations such as churches, restaurants, schools and offices

Dr Anthony Fauci

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