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As the strangest and most difficult year in the recent past comes to an end, we really want to hit the reset button.But there is one last event to look forward to this month: the cold full moon, the last full moon of the year, this week lights up the sky

According to NASA, the cold moon in December 2020 will be on 29 December will reach its maximum illumination at 10:28 EST, and all time zones should have a clear view of the event. It has a high trajectory in the sky so you can see optimally on clear, clear nights. And better yet, it will both the day before as well as appearing almost full on the day after its peak

The cold moon comes from the mohawk, who chose the name to denote the time of year when the weather turns cold, according to the old farmer’s almanac.Other names are the frost moon, winter moon and long night moon

Getting a peek at the full cold moon is easy – just find a place with a clear view of the sky and as little artificial light as possible. Since the moon rises before sunset, you can even see it before dark Search the horizon Use The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s moonrise calculator to check the exact display times near you

It’s not just you: This month was a particularly happy month for stargazers. December has already brought the best meteor shower of the year, a total solar eclipse and an unusually close “great connection” between Jupiter and Saturn Who knows? This last full moon could be a sign of good things to come in 2021

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Full moon December 2020

World news – USA – The last full moon in 2020 will reach the highest brightness shortly before the New Year

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