The grandparents of Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy died last night after a house fire broke out around 6:30 p.m. warm on Dr Thomas Avenue North in north Mobile, and the deaths are reportedly being investigated as murders

When Brazy, real name Nahshon Jones, was mourning the deaths of Lelia and Tony Lewis on social media, he announced that he had asked them to move out of their house so they would not become involved in my life”

“I hate that you are trapped I ask you to let me move every day, but you taught me how to get up man, you always told me when it’s our time, it’s our time that God has us, “wrote the rapper” It live grandma n grandpa, you were my heart for “, added the rapper” God caught us this is how I am in heaven “

Family members of Jones’ grandparents, Lelia and Tony Lewis, told WKRG they were shot before the fire The outlet quoted James Barber, director of mobile public safety, saying the deaths were being investigated as murders a mobile police spokesman could not immediately reached by AL com to confirm the report

Mobile Police and Mobile-Fire Rescue are still investigating the incident and have not yet confirmed whether the Lewis were shot before the fire

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HoneyKomb Brazy

World news – USA – The grandparents of rapper HoneyKomb Brazy from Alabama were killed in a fire in their mobile house: “Y’all was my heart”