The Golden State Warriors are hoping for a whole lot of buckets this season (Photo by Esra [] Shaw / Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors tip for an NBA season unlike any other today as teams across the league try to battle each other not only in search of a championship, but amid a raging pandemic that is unfolding disrupts life all over the world

This season, the Warriors are serious, and not just on the pitch.Every time Stephen Curry hits a three-pointer or rookie James Wiseman is looking for an alley-oop dunk, those points have a much deeper meaning beyond that Scoreboard Thanks to an imaginative campaign by a partnership between the Warriors, The Athletes’ Corner, Kaiser Permanente and Feeding America, for every point the Warriors players have scored this season, 100 meals will be donated to families in the Bay Area, all in all they have set an ambitious goal of receiving more than 1 million meals donated for the season

The program, titled Swishes for Dishes, was launched by Warriors color commentators Kelenna Azubuike and Brennen Creer, who co-founded their nonprofit, The Athletes’ Corner, earlier this year. “There are many people who have trouble Putting food on the table and not sure where their next meal is coming from, a lot of families going through it. Apprentice told me on a phone call this week “And for me, partnering with the Warriors was a breeze. It’s the home team ”

Yoyo Chan, Vice President for Government and Community Relations at Warriors, highlighted the appeal for the Warriors “Our reach with the four organizations that are part of it is enormous,” underscores the commitment of our long-term partner Kaiser Permanente Tackling Food Insecurity, as well as The Athletes’ Corner, which identifies it, “working with people we normally wouldn’t” I did not participate in our other community relations efforts ”

Creer, who serves as CEO of The Athletes’ Corner, echoed the sentiment, claiming that the idea of ​​linking donation to achievement was “never done on the scale that we do what the top Athletes in the World Are World, with the Top Teams in the World Their approach to the Warriors was aided by the experience and connections the Athletes’ Corner gained from their existing campaign with NFL stars Adrian Peterson and Zach Ertz, and Feeding America, the largest famine relief organization in the US, Creer stated that this meant they could go to the warriors with the creativity and innovation of the idea, but we have already paid for the meals and we already have the infrastructure to run the Distribute meals ”

There is no doubt that there is a growing need for food amid the pandemic, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, which will be participating in the initiative, says it will bring the number of households to 60 as a result of the pandemic000 per week has almost doubled. You are now handing out 54 percent more groceries per month than on site

But given the growing need, why should donations be linked to points? “We originally came up with the idea of ​​making it performance-based because we want it to be fun and creative,” Azubuike explained. In fact, part of the idea is to build on the excitement of the new season, as Chan pointed out think people are eager to watch basketball and do something that people have really missed for many, many months, and it seemed like a very innovative idea to meet a huge need during the pandemic ”

Chan reiterates her hope that the additional excitement generated by the campaign will keep fans involved not only in what is happening on the pitch, but also in the wider work of warriors in the communities on underlying issues “Food insecurity and the gap we see in access to food are not isolated – they are obviously linked to a much broader system of injustice that has existed in our community for a very long time,” said Chan. “For us this program is not one isolated need and program that we have developed It is closely related to all of our work that deals with racial justice and how we can reduce systemic racism ”

The Athletes’ Corner, an explicitly faith-based organization, wants to ensure that the interest generated by the program extends beyond the food. “Meals are also a means to hopefully encourage and inspire other people to uplift where they can to uplift others, “says Creer Azubuike also identifying the toll the pandemic is taking on mental health -” People are struggling physically, but [also] mentally and spiritually, “he says – emphasizing the connections With the Athlete Corner’s broader mission to elevate people through positive messages from influential athletes on social media who are transforming an often toxic environment, “Encourage our social media, every contribution is uplifting so when they see what specific things we are doing to help people help, people will of course be interested in [it], ”explains Azubuike

Of course, Warriors fans can count on a lot of content over the course of the season to keep the momentum going. “We’ll make sure that we have a number of videos that actually take place during the current season,” Azubuike outlines. “We’ll be ours Ticker on social media and all these different things have to keep track of the meals on offer ”

The big question, however, is whether the Warriors can actually score enough points on the court to reach the 1 million goal If the Warriors expect 72 games in a regular season, they’ll have to score 125 points per game, which is the 100th000 meals donated this week to start the program, which is more than the high point they averaged 117 during the Kevin Durant era7 In fact, the Warriors franchise has been around since 1961-62 when it was in Philadelphia based and fueled by Wilt Chamberlain’s legendary career season of 50 years, no longer achieved 125 points per game in a regular season4 points per game

But Azubuike firmly believes the program will reach the 1 million meal goal, not least because he expects the Warriors to play the playoffs where they add the points, “As for the three-point shooting, it will look a bit different but they’re super athletic. They’ll be an exciting team, they’ll go up and down and this should be a pretty high-scoring team. Zubuike gushed, “You still have Steph Curry who’s going to do a lot of threes but then they have a lot of offensive weapons and a lot of talent and a lot of athleticism and the pick and roll is going to be pretty deadly too, so they can score and get more rhythm as the season progresses ”

And if all else fails and the warriors insult Krater for whatever reason, the program will not starve people “We will make sure they [hit the target], we will help them,” Zubuike emphasized, “We get creative with it and when they’re not even near the season we’ll find a way ”

My focus is on the strategy, salary cap, and business side of the Golden State Warriors. Before joining Forbes in the summer of 2018, I wrote about the warriors and salary

My focus is on the strategy, salary cap, and business side of the Golden State Warriors. Before joining Forbes in the summer of 2018, I wrote about the warriors and salary cap for the SB Nation blog, Golden State of Mind, Follow the NBA from Great Britain for over 25 years As a longtime observer of Warriors, I developed a keen interest in team building, organizational culture and salary cap management. In my professional career I have developed public order, researched innovations and organizational changes and reformed complex systems in various functions

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