This season has the same feeling for the fans that the blues are currently dealing with. On Saturday we were at an all-time high because the PK seemed fixed, as well as the dominance of 5 against 5, as this blues- Team has done all season Then Sunday was the return to reality with a discouraging defeat after the Blues took a 1-0 lead and they’re up and then down So let’s check out my “Ferrario Five” from this weekend for the blues

Even after a Blues 500 records weekend against a Kings team that doesn’t impress anyone in the NHL I’m just looking forward to Jordan Kyrou this kid seems to be improving every single game with his scoring chances and offensive touch his line with massive steps on both Saturday and Sunday, Kyrou was the centerpiece of Brayden Schenn’s goals by pacing the speed through the took advantage of the neutral zone that resulted in a goal But that’s what Berube said to me about Kyrou ahead of Sunday’s game: “He continues to impress with his defensive strength”The harder he plays against the opponent, the more space he creates in the offensive zone. This guy is quickly becoming an important weapon for the blues

I was full of news after Sunday’s loss that Husso is terrible and this team is not aiming right I see this as the exact opposite.I start with Binnington, the reason this Blues team has three wins this season.With high scoring opportunities, he’s currently one of the top 10 goalkeepers in the NHL.In addition, the Blues hold up at 5v5 (as Team) a savings of 93 percent, which was in the NHL 13th Place is Binningtons fights got on the PP but honestly the team’s problems got on the PP Then there’s Husso.As Joe Vitale told me in an aftermath, he was vanilla I don’t think he was terrible yet Was he the reason the Blues lost to the Kings on Sunday? He made 13 saves in the first 15 minutes and did so admirably, with multiple rebound attempts.It was the Blues defense that made two turnovers that resulted in goals He had 2-3 goals any goalkeeper would rather have back, but those flaws should be removed with an insult the Blues have had a hard time finding

This was the glaring weakness of the blues on Sunday night (especially), but also with the win on Saturday. With the win on Saturday, the blues played a more structured style of blues hockey which gave them their normal 5v5 dominance, which led to their win.But this game was closer than many would prefer and that was due to penalties that cut off their 2-goal lead in 2 Period swallowed Then the blues begin on Sunday with the momentum and bring the tour to the 1st at 3:00 p.m. Period No more than: 60 later they found themselves in a tie hockey game on a penalty and it broke up from there, the inability to remove the puck from their zone and the lack of band-to-band passes haunt this team Craig Berbue sees it in the first 6 games of this season, the players know, it’s all about tightening it up quickly

Here’s the part that everyone is going to like right now. The inconsistency in these second games in the series was brutal, but I’m not as concerned as others Joe Vitale painted a perfect picture from the player’s point of view last night that highlighted the difficulty This season shows He said the majority of these players were feeling as “inhuman” as possible this season by showing up to the rink and then being told to go home (if they were in St Louis) or go to their hotel room until the game. A player said to Joe, “As soon as we start to feel more like people, we will feel more like hockey players in the season.” That’s by no means an excuse, but I think it takes a lot of players to throw it all into one game and then have to face the other team’s “best” a night or two later”Look at these differences:

4-1 W / 3-4 PK / 35-27 shots / 0-2 PP / 3 different goal scorers
5-4 W / 1-3 PK / 34-25 shots / 0-3 PP / 4 different goal scorers
4-2 W / 4-5 PK / 30-23 shots / 1-2 PP / 4 different goal scorers

0-8 L / 1-7 PK / 21-38 shots / 0-4 PP /
1-2 SOL / 7-7 PK / 24-34 shots / 0-5 PP / 1 goalscorer (Schenn)
3-6 L / 3-4 PK / 31-35 shots / 0-2 PP / 2 different goal scorers (Schenn / ROR)

As you can see, it’s night and day in the second game of the series for a lot of this team, and that’s worrying I believe that this is a new set of circumstances for those players who are already trying the chemistry all in one building fast pace I think by the 10-12 token we will have a much better idea of ​​what this team really is

Craig Berube said it last night during the aftermath: “It’s all about the attitude and right now this team is trying to find the right attitude in the second game in the series”I think that passes the eye test for a lot of people after seeing that loss last night. This is not uncommon in the NHL right now though, especially in this West division for the Blues 15 teams have swept at least one streak this season, but the part that strikes me is that only 2 teams have done this twice (PIT & VGK) what tells me is that a lot of teams struggle to find ways to beat their opponent twice in their meetings, what the challenge for the blues is going to be 23 games over the next 47 days and it starts with the heavy hits on Tuesday, Vegas If the blues compete in this division and want to turn this ship around, it will come with confidence after its first series won on this road trip

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