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Nobody needs the movie about a pandemic, shot exclusively during the pandemic … or ever

It has always been a question of when and not whether Hollywood would make a film – or several of varying quality – about the ongoing pandemic.Movies that stem from a tragic event in history are not necessarily a bad thing (see: United 93), but if I had to choose a filmmaker to handle a catastrophic situation that has already claimed over 1, there are 5 million people around the world living with consideration and decency Michael Bay wouldn’t be at the top of the list

Bay is in Hollywood and seems to be the universe’s answer to the question, “What if you gave a 12-year-old kid who screamed profanity while playing Call of Duty a big production budget and enough explosives, to get a small town out of the way? Face of the earth? “When ‘loud’ comes to mind when imagining a Michael Bay production, ‘tasteless’ is usually not too far off. And while the director didn’t step behind the camera for Songbird, the Bay-produced COVID-inspired thriller marked by his deaf-mute sensitivity

As the production notes for Songbird – directed by Adam Mason, who wrote the screenplay with Simon Boyes – proudly boast, the film was the first to begin filming in Los Angeles this summer after COVID-19 began production Had hired quickly in the spring Judging from the show notes, the movie’s Brain Trust would prefer to make the quick turnaround for Songbird on Demand’s release this month as “opportunistic filmmaking.” It would be more sincere to label the entire company as exploitative (And, spoiler alert, uninspired filmmaking)

For the plot, buckle up your seatbelt, the year is 2024 and Los Angeles is currently in 214 Week in a row that’s because the coronavirus has continued to mutate and become more deadly The newest strain, COVID-23, has a death rate of over 50 percent. Anyone who tests positive for the virus will be forcibly removed from their homes to live in “Q-Zones,” which have notoriously brutal conditions – provided lucky enough to survive the disease A very small percentage of people are immune; They are dismissively called “munies” and are generally treated with contempt because everyone else is jealous that they can leave their home safely

Our protagonist is Nico (played by Riverdale’s KJ Apa), an immune courier who delivers packages to mostly wealthy customers. Nico hopes one day to see his girlfriend Sara (Sofia Carson), whom he “met” during the lockdown, after accidentally delivering something to their address when all the love stories begin, “It’s Romeo and Juliet, but they’re separated by their front door and by the virus,” Mason told Entertainment Weekly, helpful Songbird is jumping around to meet other characters and b- Plots to follow such as an affluent couple (Demi Moore and Bradley Whitford) selling black market immunity bracelets, a wheelchair user (Paul Walter Hauser) surveying the city with a drone, and a singer (Alexandra Daddario) who moved to L.A. just to become a star for COVID to catch her in a motel room

All the lives of these characters intersect, if not necessarily in the same physical space (see: COVID) Sara’s living grandma falls ill with the virus and Nico makes a desperate attempt to get his girlfriend a black market immunity bracelet so that she doesn’t get in one of the city’s Q-Zones being thrown that is, Songbird is a love story about a guy who tries to disregard a mandatory lockdown for a virus with an indescribable death rate, while many are putting a COVID-related movie out there, while many still suffering from the effects of the pandemic so he can hang out with his girlfriend I don’t care if it’s Hot Archie, that’s not cool man!

Granted, there’s probably no way to make a COVID-related thriller this compelling with characters held accountable and adhering to a government-mandated lockdown for the good of others, Songbird (minor spoiler alert) tries to make Nico’s decision less ill-conceived by introducing the phrase that Sara was also immune to the virus without realizing it, but all that does is have a Russian nesting doll with world-forming questions such as why she never knew about their immunity to the fact that the movie is unable to respond (plus there’s still the tacit confirmation of ignoring a damn important quarantine just because you want to see someone)

To do some credit to Songbird, it is fully tracked that 1 percent would still lead a comfortable life amid societal breakdown. While the rest of the population fears for their safety, the wealthy elite can easily pass Amazon parcels to theirs by immunization providers Have Doorstep Delivered (Of course, some of these obscenely wealthy people don’t even bother to tip) However, it never explains how a singer trapped in a motel room or a middle-class family in an apartment complex can get essential items without ever leaving home – since the government apparently has orders to shoot someone outside on sight, that’s not so. Anyone can go to Trader Joe’s for some milk

If Songbird has anything interesting to offer – aside from the visceral horror of watching actors filming in the middle of a pandemic – the film already feels like a bizarre time capsule while the United States is currently having the highest death toll on one On the day since the pandemic began, effective COVID-19 vaccines are slowly but surely being distributed Songbird’s dystopian, exaggerated vision of an endless COVID lockdown isn’t just insensitive: it already feels out of date (not to mention so many eligible citizens, who never bothered to rule out dangerous social activities or wear masks to improve others)

Songbird wants to be a film about hope in the face of a hopeless situation – with human connection from afar and reunification with loved ones who represent the light at the end of the tunnel.But this film says a lot more about people because of its existence, who made it as about the world we live in Songbird may claim to be about COVID, but the greed and exploitation of such a movie coming out in 2020 is symptomatic of a greater disease

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