The popular holiday film National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is full of quotable lines and memorable moments, and some of them weren’t in the script by filmmaker John Hughes

Chaos starts when the parents of Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and Ellen Griswold (Beverly D’Angelo) arrive at their home Son makes

Diane Ladd, the actress who played Chase’s mother on screen in the movie, revealed in a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone that she made up a knock-knock joke that she did during her audition done and a version of that made the final cut of Christmas Vacation

“I walked right over to Chevy and grabbed his face, opened his mouth and played a game,” Knock-Slap, who’s there? “It was improvised and it was mentioned in the film,” said Ladd

Although Christmas Vacation is set in Chicago, Illinois, the film was actually released in California on the Warner Bros. filmed Go and In Breckenridge, Colorado While filming the Colorado tobogganing scene, Randy Quaid improvised one of the short but memorable lines from cousin Eddie

In the same Rolling Stone interview, Ellen Latzen, the actress who played cousin Eddie and cousin Katharina’s (Miriam Flynn) daughter Ruby Sue, shared an impromptu line with Quaid

She remembered saying “bingo” after Clark walked down the hill at warp speed before landing in a Wal-Mart parking lot

“I remember Randy Quaid’s line ‘Bingo’ was totally improvised at the end of the scene,” she said, “[Director] Jeremiah Chechik said,” That was amazing, say that again! “

The scene also features some of Cousin Eddie’s other famous quotes from the Christmas holidays, including comments about his hair and the metal plate in his head

While thinking about the Christmas break with some of her co-stars for Rolling Stone, D’Angelo pointed out a small detail in one of the final scenes of the film when the police come to the house in Griswold and tell everyone to freeze , Ellen puts her hand on Clark’s crotch The move wasn’t part of the script, but part of D’Angelo’s idea

“Did you catch when the police came in and where my hand was (on Chevy’s crotch)? I did that on the fly and said Chevy just to see if anyone noticed on set,” she said. But we took a couple of recordings and nobody mentioned it ”

In the same scene, D’Angelo’s character Frank Shirley (Brian Doyle Murray) shakes hands with wife Helen (Natalia Nogulich) before she puts her hand back

Christmas Holidays are not on Netflix at time of publication. But don’t worry, fans of the Griswold family can see them celebrate Christmas by watching the Christmas Holidays on TV

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