Actress, writer, and spokeswoman Suzanne Somers gently confronted a naked intruder who showed up while pouring a makeup tutorial from her Palm Springs Calif home

74-year-old Somers was on Facebook Live Friday night when the incident took place.She paused while recording and told nearby husband Alan Hamel that she heard strange noises outside of the camera

While Hamel assured, “It’s just a frog,” Somers turned left after hearing more noise and looked at the intruder, who stayed off camera during his conversation. The intruder was reported as “almost naked “described

Somers was calm and spoke gently to the intruder, who said he was “afraid” of something I’m not even sure ghosts followed me ”

The intruder identified himself as Aaron Carpenter and asked Somers if she had ever heard of him. He claimed to have been taken home to Somers by a friend

This led the intruder to claim he was “not a scary person at all, Somers told him he” seemed like a nice person, “but had to leave. He claimed to have brought the couple a” gift “but both refused quickly from

Then Carpenter said “God bless you” before leaving the property. A calm Somers then continued with her video

Police later caught up with the intruder and advised him not to enter private property, but no quote was issued

Suzanne Somers

World News – USA – Suzanne Somers calmly confronts an almost naked intruder while streaming