A simple perk will help ensure that WB Interactive’s upcoming DC video games, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights, are successful

At the end of August, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment pulled the curtain back on two long-rumored and highly anticipated titles based on popular DC superhero comics: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights, both of which have a solid base of hardcore fans watching the games Start should help, but WB has even better secret weapons up its sleeve

Usually, the release of new titles in a crowded landscape of similar games makes it harder to stand out from the competitionSpider-Man by Insomniac: Miles Morales and Square Enix’s Avengers made it to market well in time for the holidays and next-gen console launches , but in this case, their early lead is Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad’s biggest advantage by stealing pointers and avoiding missteps in other superhero games, the creators of WB can deliver stellar experiences

But WB Games Montreal and Rocksteady Studios should be open to influences outside of comics with capes and tights as well.The 4-player cooperative game is at the heart of the upcoming Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad, and there are plenty of excellent cooperative multiplayer Titles in a variety of genres that Warner Bros’ influence could improve on

It would be a significant understatement to say that Crystal Dynamics ‘Marvel’s Avengers stumbled out of the gate, Square Enix has yet to recoup Avengers’ development costs and posted a significant loss in the quarter following its release, the title leaves plenty of room for improvement, but one key area it falls short on is the game’s loot and microtransaction system, with most of the random gear devoted to increasing character stats rather than giving characters groundbreaking abilities

WB Games Montreal has already confirmed that Gotham Knights will hit the market with a variety of cosmetics.Rather than using the microtransaction examples from Avengers, Gotham Knights would be better off following the lead from Spider-Man: Miles Morales at where a large cloakroom with costumes is used as the core content of the game, at the very least, WB should be mindful of the poorly received Avengers prize points and adjust accordingly if the game contains microtransactions

As for loot, Avengers also leaves a lot to be desired, with most pieces of gear offering random stat bonuses like a standard MMO, while it is possible that no DC game uses a lootable gear system, Gotham Knights is breaking with the longstanding Arkham Formula franchise and Suicide Squad members use a variety of weapons in the comics, so it is likely that gamers will be able to customize outfits and gear to some extent for this purpose is Gunfire Games ‘Remnant: From the Ashes’ a worthy touchstone Instead of causing equipment losses with random stats, challenges and missions could result in preset equipment with carefully balanced stats and meaningful skills from a random pool

Co-op is at the heart of Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights The ability to switch between characters with different play styles is a great way to keep a game fresh and make group play more fun. Each of Gotham Knights’ playable characters has personalized skill trees and different XP progression, another new hit that makes one Following a similar pattern, Genshin Impact’s ability to switch between members of the Bat-Family or the Suicide Squad on the fly in single-player and multiplayer would allow for some incredibly elaborate combos, especially since the characters in both titles are likely to be deeper and more complex as Genshin Impacts Gacha-gated roster

There’s even a precedent in the Arkham series for switching between playable characters during combat, and as both titles break new ground – and possibly the foundation for Warner Bros. The common universe of DC video game titles – the devastating ability to devastately synchronize character traits is one of the great joys of the PVE cooperative, nor is there any reason for the game to focus cooperative elements solely on the battle that allows That different characters affect the environment in unique ways would help each hero and antihero feel more distinctive, and opens the door to some potentially formidable group puzzles

Insomniac’s original Marvels Spider-Man borrowed a lot from Rocksteady’s Arkham franchise, but also advanced the formula in some ways, especially when it came to the diversity of missions, providing a large number of different activities to players is a key aspect of successful superhero games Both Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights need more variety to keep up with the competition

Again, it’s a great way to have different characters with personalized skills to achieve that versatility It helps, however, to look at other open-world games with great side quests like Spider-Man’s MJ and Miles missions, which give a clue as to how these character-specific activities might work in Gotham Knights, Dick Grayson’s background as an acrobat could allow Nightwing to jump that other members of the bat family could not manage, while Barbara Gordon’s computer skills could allow Batgirl to hack security systems

Suicide Squad offers another option for different missions: Crime Harley, King Shark, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang are time and again villains, and while Amanda Waller makes them explode if they get too far out of line, it is known that the squad dedicate themselves to some additional legal activity during the missions Deadshot is an unparalleled assassin in DC’s comics who could take on additional targets if the group tries to take down Supes while Harley could fend off Robin Hood-esque raids, even better, these antiheroes might have to strike a balance between traditional goods (hostage rescuing, defense missions, fighting crooks) and less palatable activities that offer unique opportunities for character growth

Soon to be released as a standalone title, Red Dead Online is another co-op game that has a lot of variety for players The honor system suggests a possible model for hero / crime dynamics. Instead of a gauge that merely tracks a person’s morale, good deeds could serve as “fuel” for transgressive missions and when players dip their toes too deep in dark water or even causing too much collateral damage, they may have to respond to Waller’s wrath, being aware of what the competition is doing and seeing what hits the fans is a great model for refining an established formula, and while superhero games often adhere to certain conventions , both Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights have the unique opportunity to set new standards

Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S, with exact release dates yet to be announced

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