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When you hear about Kevin James being on a new sitcom, you usually think that it is a competent show with a good cast, but most of the time it’s “accidentally funny.” What do I mean? Well, for the most part, you could watch James do his usual angry act and not laugh for 80% of an episode, but then his inherent charm and comedic timing will connect with you and you’ll blow a big belly out of laughter exactly this happened when we were watching the first episode of The Crew read on for more

Opening Shot: The shot of a racetrack and the garages where the cars and crews prepare for a race. Crew boss Kevin Gibson (Kevin James) goes to the team’s driver, Jake (Freddie Stroma), to see how he feels before the race

The Gist: Kevin has been on Bobby Spencer’s (Bruce McGill) NASCAR racing team for 25 years and keeps the tight-knit crew going.But the team hasn’t won much lately, as evidenced by having Jake in the first Crashed on lap of his last race

But he does think the team that includes master mechanic Chuck (Gary Anthony Williams), engineer Amir (Dan Ahdoot) and his best friend, office manager Beth (Sarah Stiles) is the best you can can see something up close when Kevin and Beth talk about how he goes straight to her when he is fired by another woman who doesn’t know how laborious his job is

Bobby has decided to retire and he’s hiring his twenty-year-old daughter Catherine (Jillian Mueller) It quickly becomes clear that Catherine, who used to be an executive in Silicon Valley, wants to put her own stamp on the team, in particular because their performance has been lagging lately, of course, Kevin thinks everything is fine, and they’re taking a little break right now

Catherine’s first decision is to speak to a 19-year-old hot-shot driver named Jesse (Paris Berelc) who Jake learns about in this driver’s instastory (Beth describes stories as “things that aren’t good enough in yours.” Post Main Feed ”) To protect Jake, Kevin suggests a race where the best lap time wins. Jake wins with a hair but crashes his car when the charms on his bracelet – which he says are made by “Tibetan monkeys” – falling off and flying in his face

What shows will it remind you of? The King of Queens or Kevin can wait, except with stock cars

Our mindset: Most of the first episode consisted of worn-out sitcom gags wrapped in an almost suffocating amount of product placements (more on that in a moment) James plays pretty much the same guy in each of his sitcoms and films: Agreed but prone to breakouts, silly but mostly adorable.He’s a little less stupid than Kevin Gibson, mostly to make sure the audience can buy the fact that he was a successful driver in the ’90s and ran a successful NASCAR crew for over two decades.But there are still moments when James goes above and beyond the old standards, like pushing Jake around for not paying attention to his pep talk has

But James, an executive producer along with series creator Jeff Lowell, knows a team is better when its leader surrounds himself with people who make him look better, and even during the mostly laugh-free first episode, you can already see How the Supporting Actors Will Make the Show Better Stroma, Williams and Ahdoot are sitcom veterans who make the most of their characters ‘limited screen time, and Stiles’ Beth is a hothead of a character who has great chemistry with James (more on her coming soon, too ) Mueller’s character, laid out as Kevin’s foil, is the least fun of the supporting cast, but even she has a moment or two when we can see her character is more than just a millennial caricature

But just because The Crew has the potential to be funnier and get its jokes from characters’ personalities versus just gags doesn’t mean it’ll be funnier, and although we did have some flashes of this in the first episode Having seen potential, we’re not sure how hard the show will try to capitalize on those lightning bolts

Gender and Skin: Neither Kevin will eventually be fired after leaving his date at the bar where he will date Beth and her boyfriend

Farewell Shot: Beth tells Kevin that one day he’ll meet someone who cares about the team just as much as he does, which he doubts she’s making herself comfortable to watch an old race that Kevin was a driver in, but when she asks how long it will take, he says: “two and a half hours” Then she decides to go

Sleeper Star: From the first minutes she’s on screen, it seems like Lowell and his writers turn Beth into a love interest in Kevin they’re already best friends, and when she talks about him meets someone who looks after the team, she responds to their doubts in a way that makes us believe she has something for him even though she’s in a relationship.As I said, Stiles and James have great chemistry, but one Willing-they-won’t-put them on this show feels like a mistake

Our call: SKIP IT, the crew has some potential to get better than the average Kevin James project, but it falls into the same pitfalls that led people to The King Of Queens (though this show has been underrated ) and Kevin Can Wait (which was pretty bad) not to like The show’s overwhelming memories of “THIS IS NASCAR” not helping

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