Pack Drop Alert! It’s going to be another crazy Thursday in the NBA Top Shot universe as collectors face a massive drop in The 2021 All-Star Game Packs officially drop at 12:00 PM PST and we can’t wait

There are a total of 36378 packages, valued at $ 229 each, available for hundreds of thousands of users to join the queue if you’re one of those fans who got heartbroken by these crazy drops like me before, you need to set your alarms before 12:00 noon Set the clock and make sure you are praying to the blockchain gods

Tomorrow (Thursday 18 We’re dropping our All-Star Game for 2021 at 12 p.m. PDT ⏰ Don’t miss it 💯

Top shot fanatics have been waiting for this moment for weeks since the platform announced that games from the unprecedented ASG would be minted and sold in bundles.Now we seem to be waiting no further as pieces like Stephen Curry’s No-Look Three and Chris Paul’s two-handed alley oop jam will be in the hands of some lucky collectors

These, along with 18 other games from this year’s All-Star Game, will be released as Rare Moments and only 2021 Moments will be minted.It is also interesting to note that Damian Lillard’s game winner from the logo will not be included in the package which just means this will be part of yet another wallet breaking challenge ahead

Each Rare Package has seven Moments each – six Base Set Moments and a Rare All-Star Game Moment for 2021.As always, the Chosen can only buy a maximum of one package while the unlucky ones have to sulk for the rest of their Thursday

Top Shot also introduced an additional requirement that every user must have at least three moments in their account before the drop disregards unopened packages.This last requirement has now raised the floor on the NBA Top Shot Marketplace as newbies panic advised

Stephen Curry

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