Tucci said he had “trouble” with the idea that only gay actors should play LGBTQ characters

Tucci appeared on CBS Sunday Morning to speak to Colin Firth, Supernova, about his new indie drama film. The film revolves around a middle-aged gay couple after traveling around England in an old motor home Tucci’s character was diagnosed with young dementia

“After you’ve played a number of gay characters, you want to do it so that, like any other character, you just want to be honest,” said Tucci, who is married to Emily Blunt’s sister Felicity,

The film, which originally premiered at the 2020 San Sebastián International Film Festival, has garnered critical acclaim – but also some online issues with its casting decisions

“When thousands of queer actors with lived experience are waiting to bring their intellectual nuances to the screen, but the film industry can only cast cis-straight actors for queer roles because Colin Firth is hot,” wrote one person / p>

“I saw the trailer for #supernova and it looks great but like, how ??? Can these studios still not cast gay actors in gay roles? Not even one in two is weird?” added another

“If queer media and mainstream media promote the work of queer artists and films with queer actors as much as Supernova and Ammonite,” wrote one person, “If Only”

As more visibility and representation of LGBTQ emerges in Hollywood, a debate sparked over whether straight actors should play LGBTQ roles

Holly Williams, CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, asked Tucci about “some criticism that gay roles should be played by gay actors”

“I’m having trouble with that,” Tucci replied. “I think acting is about not being yourself. If we were to use that as a template, we would always just play ourselves I guess what we have to do we need to offer more opportunities for gay actors “

“People who are gay have only recently, in the last few years, been able to truly say, ‘I’m gay and I’m an actor and I can play roles right now.’ They always had to hide their sexuality in order to be the leading man or could play the leading woman, “he added

Tucci has portrayed LGBTQ characters throughout his long career, including the infamous Nigel Kipling from “The Devil Wears Prada” and Sean in “Burlesque” “

Earlier this month, Neil Patrick Harris shared his opinion in an interview with The Times about his upcoming Channel 4 series “It’s a Sin,” featuring Showrunner Russell T Davies is about a group of gay men who were affected by the AIDS epidemic in London in the 1980s. The series consists of an all-gay male ensemble

“I’m not the one to move on to labeling As an actor, I’m sure you hope you can be a visible option for all kinds of roles,” Harris, who shares twins with husband David Burtka, told The Times

“I played a character [in How I Met Your Mother] that had nothing to do with me for nine years. I would definitely want to hire the best actor,” Harris added,

Harris’ comments were in response to statements made by Davies, who created the TV series Queer as Folk and Years and Years in addition to It’s a Sin “

“I think it’s sexy to cast a straight actor for a gay role when he’s willing to invest a lot in it,” he said. “There’s a nervousness that comes from the novelty of it all. When you explain that you would never do that, you may be missing out on opportunities “

Last November, Kristen Stewart told Variety that there was a “gray area” when it came to straight actors playing gay characters

“I would never want to tell a story that really should be told by someone who had this experience,” she told the publication. “Still, it’s a slippery conversation because that means I will never see another straight character if I would all stick to the letter of that particular law “

Billy Porter, a member of the LGBTQ community, mentioned the double standards in Hollywood when speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in June 2019

“If ‘extravagant’ wasn’t included in the character’s description, no one would ever see me for anything that wouldn’t be so angry if it went the other way, but it doesn’t”Because straight men play gay, everyone wants to give them an award,” said Porter

Darren Criss, who played gay men in “Glee” and “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Detective Story,” said he will no longer play LGBTQ roles in 2018

“There are certain [weird] roles I’ll see that are just wonderful,” Criss told Bustle, “but I want to make sure I’m not another straight boy playing the role of a gay man”

Neil Patrick Harris says he would “hire the best actor” while weighing a debate about straight actors playing gay characters

Kristen Stewart says there’s a gray area when it comes to straight actors playing gay characters

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John Weaver, a longtime Republican strategist who helped run presidential campaigns for the late Sen John McCains (R-Ariz) in 2000 and 2008 and former Ohio Gov John Kasich (R-Ohio) was charged with online harassment by 21 men in 2016, reports the New York Times. In interviews, the men said that Weaver – who is also a co-founder of the Lincoln Project, a prominent anti-Trump group that Established by Republicans (he is no longer involved with the group – unsolicited and sexually sent provocative over the Internet for several years The exchange reportedly only resulted in physical encounters in one consensual case, and the men did not accuse Weaver of illegal behavior According to the Times, but they described working by an influential older man in the field in which they wanted to be “persecuted”. “Weaver even sent messages to a 14-year-old boy and eventually invited him to Las Vegas to Come After He Turned 18 One of the men who had received messages from Weaver as a college grad when he was after Seeking a job policy, said: “It just seemed like he was taking advantage of his power”” The Times provided new, specific details about the situation, but allegations of Weaver’s solicitations were first reported by The American Conservative earlier this month. In response, Weaver acknowledged sending the inappropriate messages and apologized. Read More in The New York Times For More Stories of the Week comTrump’s impeachment defense is reportedly out of reports, Bannon encourages him to go to the Senate himself5 brutally funny cartoons about the GOP’s Trump issue The Reality of Brexit

The fugitive leader of the embattled Tigray region of Ethiopia has reportedly made his first public comments in three months urging the international community to investigate alleged “genocide” and other abuses by armed forces, including those from neighboring Eritrea was unable to immediately check Debretsion Gebremichael’s audio commentary, released late Saturday by Tigray-affiliated media company Dimtsi Weyane

One woman with a family in South Korea said she was “jealous that they are in a place where people care for other people and take precautions”

Rural communities have seen a sharp increase in hare hunting The RSPCA said the increasing involvement of gangs in wildlife crimes is a major factor in their decision to hand over their 200-year-old law enforcement powers to the CPS, as dozens of landowners are repeatedly attacked by gangs who gather to bet on the outcome of dogs Hunting and killing as many hares as possible Latest figures from The Telegraph show that in some counties such as North Yorkshire, the number of cases of hare hunting and poaching rose 51 percent over the past year, with a similar increase expected this year, according to the executive director the RSPCA, Chris Sherwood, said Saturday: “We are involved in cockfighting, badger fishing and hare hunting cases which can include millions of pounds of fraud, tax evasion and even guns These cases are complex”” We believe there is a better way for us to reflect the situation in Scotland, where our sister charity, the SSPCA, is referring its cases and files to the Treasury Attorney, the Scottish equivalent of the CPS So there is this separation between the investigation and prosecution ”

Sen Susan Collins (R-Maine) led a group of 10 Republican Senators – including temperate colleagues Sens Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) on Sunday announced plans to provide a COVID-19 relief package Unveil $ 600 million that they believe could serve as a bipartisan alternative to President Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion plan that the GOP has deemed too expensive details are expected to be released Monday, despite the Washington Post reporting that Biden’s proposal to increase the federal minimum wage is unlikely to be included, and it will also reportedly qualify for a new round of 1Limit $ 400 Stimulus Checks To People Over 50Earning $ 000 a year or less, or couples making $ 100Earning $ 000 or less a year Republicans want to meet with Biden to discuss their counter-proposal “We want to work in good faith with you and your administration to address the health, economic and social challenges,” they wrote in a letter the COVID-19 pandemic Whether Democrats are open to discussion remains to be seen (Biden’s top economic advisor reiterated on Sunday that the president is determined to act swiftly) but the Post notes the fact that 10 Republicans are on board If both sides reach a compromise that will give the Senate the 60 votes it needs to pass legislation without the Democrats having to find a workaround, read more at the Washington Post for more stories from the weekThe Impeachment defense from comTrump is reportedly encouraging Bannon ih n to go to the Senate himselfCo-founder of the Lincoln Project, which is accused of exploiting its power with sexually provocative online news5 brutally brutal cartoons about the GOP’s Trump problem

Tens of thousands took to the streets across Russia on Sunday to demand the release of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny and to sustain nationwide protests that rocked the Kremlin, according to a surveillance group, more than 4700 people arrested by the police and some beaten

Hong Kong Justice Minister Teresa Cheng reiterated on Saturday that the UK did not have any rights to the city of Cheng as part of the joint statement that laid down the blueprint for ruling the city after reunification with China in 1997 commented on a blog post on the eve of changes to the UK visa application program, which allows Hong Kong residents with British National Overseas (BNOs) passports to live, study and work in the UK for five years and eventually apply for citizenship

Five attorneys willing to defend former President Donald Trump in his upcoming Senate impeachment have left his legal team Individuals familiar with the situation have been confirmed to CNN and the New York Times, butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, who were expected to be two of the chief attorneys, have left, as have Josh Howard, Johnny Gasser, and Greg Harris no other attorney has announced that it is involved in the case, so Trump appears to be defenseless for the time being.According to reports, attorneys left over disagreements over legal strategy.According to reports, Trump wanted them to advance his baseless claims of widespread election fraud in last year’s presidential election instead focus on whether convicting a former president after his absence is constitutional That argument seems to be the consensus among Republicans and the reason why he will likely be acquitted, according to a source, Bowers lacked chemistry with Trump, and the decision to leave the company was reportedly mutually exclusive where Trump is going from will go out here – his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani reportedly wants to take the case up, but he’s a potential witness in the trial for speaking at the rally leading up to the deadly Capitol riot that Trump is accused of and the Times notes, “Almost All “of Trump’s advisors blame Giuliani for impeachment Given that GOP senators have signaled they won’t vote for a conviction, some wonder why Trump would be spending money on lawyers at all at this point. And here is one Statement that Trump made almost verbatim to consultants> https: // tco / zktWOIrUD6 – Maggie Haberma n (@maggieNYT) 31 January 2021 Stephen Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist, says the former president should go to the Senate himself because “he’s the only one who can sell him” Trump seems open to the idea, but aides are reportedly against Read More at the New York Times and CNN More stories from the weekCo-founder of the comLincoln project, which is accused of exploiting its power with sexually provocative online news5 brutally brutal cartoons about the GOP’s Trump problem The Reality of Brexit

China has temporarily banned foreign nationals arriving from Canada even if they have valid Chinese residence permits, the Toronto Chinese Consulate said, “All foreigners who have valid Chinese residence permits for work, personal affairs and reunification are temporarily not allowed to enter China from Canada, “said the consulate in a statement on its website on Saturday. Entry with diplomatic and business visas was not affected

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Longtime Republican elector from South Dakota, Jim Thompson, is poised to leave the GOP in the hope that an exodus of Donald Trump supporters like himself will punish the state’s eminent politician, Sen, for John Thune He defied Trump Thune and all but five Republican senators voted against impeachment

Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg said on Saturday that he owns a huge palace in southern Russia that Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny linked with President Vladimir Putin, Navalny and his anti-corruption foundation posted a video claiming the opulent mansion belongs to Russian leader Rotenberg, Putin’s former judo sparring partner, who sold his stake in gas pipeline construction company Stroygazmontazh in 2019 for a sum that put RBC’s business at around 75 billion rubles ($ 990 million) a day , he bought the palace two years ago

Jesce Horton was 18 years old when he was first arrested for carrying two grams of cannabis.As an engineering student who grew up in the shadow of his father’s weed belief, he had found that the drug unlocked his talent for math Arrest was one of three that would eventually cost him his scholarship, force him to quit for a while and block a promotion in his dream job. “It had a huge impact on my future and my self-esteem,” he says. “If you get arrested You see many of your doors close immediately. “But Mr. Horton persevered and now runs a legal cannabis business called LOWD in Portland, Oregon, which became the first in the United States to end criminal penalties for possession of the drug in 1973 Course exemplifies how cannabis left the shadows of the American drug war to become a legitimate business Now Oregon is taking it one step further and wants to give people caught on tougher drugs a second chance

NBC News notes that the Republican Party has been the political faction to stress the courts in the United States for decades, but now the Democrats seem to be catching up as they try to fill multiple jobs in the federal government before halftime 2022, when they could lose their slim Senate majority if they occupy the seats, White House attorney Dana Remus recently wrote in a letter to Senators received from NBC that they will likely be “individuals whose legal experience is on the.” Bundesbank have historically been underrepresented, including those whose public defenders, civil rights and legal aid advocates, and those who represent Americans in all walks of life “rather than prosecutors or” great corporate lawyers “” Chris Kang, co-founder of the progressive Demand Justice group and former assistant attorney in the Obama administration, NBC also said he exp arte that President Biden’s first group of judiciary nominees “will look very different from the kind of judges that Democratic presidents have put forward in the past” and will likely come from “radically” different backgrounds, making “a big difference in ours.” Courts will effect “Read more at NBC News for More Stories from the WeekComTrump’s impeachment defense is reportedly encouraging him to go to the Senate himself, according to BannonCo-founder of the Lincoln Project, which is accused of using his power with sexually provocative online news5 brutally brutal cartoons about the Trump problem of the GOP

Stanley Tucci

World News – US – Stanley Tucci says he has trouble arguing that gay characters should only be played by LGBTQ actors

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