Stacey Abrams feels good with the Georgia Senate drains In an appearance Monday night on The Late Show, the founder of Fair Fight told Stephen Colbert that Democrats should prepare for a victory party after the Results were obtained

“I think we’re ready to get it done,” Abrams said, “I’d put my money on blue”â ????

In Tuesday’s closely watched runoff elections, incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler will stand against Democrat Rev Raphael Warnock and Republican Senator David Perdue will compete against Democrat Jon Ossoff Sworn in January More than 3 million people have cast their votes ahead of Tuesday’s elections

Abrams, an advocate for voting rights attributed to Georgia blue in the 2020 election, noticed the massive turnout in her chat with Colbert and noted how “energetic” ???? The democratic base has become “People want COVID relief” She said they want good jobs, they want access to justice and they want Joe Biden to have a partner, not an obstructionistâ ????

Colbert couldn’t resist asking Abrams about Donald Trump’s desperate, awkward phone call to Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger, who pressured him to “find” nonexistent votes to help him reverse election results Abrams listened to the call, she told Colbert, not caring that Trump mentioned and insulted her in frustration, claiming she was “laughing” with Raffensperger and his cohort “Could you characterize laughter?” Colbert quipped. Is it a giggle? […] How do you laugh at her? â ????

“I think it’s a bit of an exaggeration to assume I’m thinking about them,” Abrams replied (a chill ran through Michael Ginsberg’s spine somewhere out there) “I’m focused on winning this election”You are not my problem”

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Stacey Abrams

World News – US – Stacey Abrams Predicts Georgia Democratic Victory: “We’re Ready To Make It”