Stacey Abrams on a Monday night episode of “The Late Show with Stephen ColbertStephen Tyrone ColbertGraham replies to” clueless “Biden:” It’s not personal “Chris Wallace defends Jill Biden: Nobody” made a fuss about Martin Luther King Jr A “doctor” Biden says Lindsey Graham is a “personal disappointment” as a former colleague MORE “has shown her confidence in the Democrats ahead of the Georgia runoff

During her appearance on the show, the former Democratic Government candidate discussed electoral mobilization, as well as her belief that Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev Raphael Warnock will secure a victory against Republican David PerdueDavid PerdueTrump’s final run-off run in Georgia, dominated by personal grievances Raffensperger calls on Perdue to apologize after his wife received death threats following Wall Street’s November call for resignation Sen. Kelly LoefflerKelly LoefflerTrump’s final push for the Georgia runoff election, dominated by personal grievances Trump at the Georgia rally hopes Pence will get through for us Raffensperger urges Perdue to apologize after his wife received MORE death threats (R-Ga) in the Georgian Senate runoff election on Tuesday following the November recall

“I think we are ready to do it,” Abrams said. “I put my money on blue”

Abrams told Colbert that she saw record turnout among minority and young people, and she also expressed that a large number of voters emerged for the runoff who did not vote during the November presidential election

“We have seen incredible turnout from Democrats across the state [and] we have seen a diverse electorate unlike any we saw in a runoff, and we are full of energy,” Abrams said. “People want COVID- Relief They want good jobs, they want access to justice, and they want Joe Biden to tell Joe BidenAttorney that the census census to determine seats in Congress won’t be done until February Trump’s final run-off run in Georgia, dominated by personal grievances, to have a partner, not an obstructionist, and that means they need Kamala Harris, but the groundbreaking vote so we can get the things we need this next term “

The results of Tuesday’s race will determine whether control of the Senate rests with the GOP or the Democrats

Former First Lady Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaMichelle Obama urges Georgian voters to take control of their power at the drive-in concert ahead of the runoff elections Should Trump go for an election campaign, should Biden vote for Obama as an AG? The main political celebrity moments of 2020 MORE on Monday also urged Georgians to put their support for Ossoff and Warnock at the ballot box

“So if Georgians vote @ReverendWarnock and @Ossoff, we will take one more step to clean up the chaos of the last four years. And we will send a message to every politician who puts himself and his ambitions above our self-governing system”, she wrote on Twitter

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Stacey Abrams

World news – USA – Stacey Abrams expects Ossoff, Warnock wins: ‘I bet my money on blue’