It all started with a live session on Instagram where Lil Uzi and his girlfriend JT spoke to the other member of the City Girls, Yung Miami, Uzi and Yung Miami interaction wasn’t pleasant, but we know not where the problem comes from “But it’s not even about that”, Uzi said to JT “You know me I will never see you like you will never see me”

Fans also noted how disrespectful he was to Yung Miami and his own girlfriend JT as well, and even told her to shut up at some point and say that if he told her to kiss him, she would see Check out the following clip

The young Miami seemed to be keeping her cool and trying to avoid a public showdown on Instagram, but later her husband Southside went live on Instagram and reached out to Uzi directly He even threatened to beat the dog out of his body “I’ll say that once, Uzi, don’t address any to my b * tch, my n * gga You take care of your shit, n * gga, you stay on your side” he said

“I promise I’ll knock your teeth out of your mouth,” he added, which you can see below

Uzi claimed on Twitter that he was just kidding and JT said the story didn’t have much to offer See some of the tweets below. Two weeks ago, Southside in South Florida was arrested on gun charges

Lil Uzi Vert

World News – USA – Southside addresses Lil Uzi Vert via IG Live with Yung Miami: “I’ll beat you up”