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MADISON LeCroy wasn’t shy about her perfectly toned figure and flaunted her formidable body during her dramatic conflict with Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

The star of southern charm leads a very active life and has the body to prove it

The South Carolina native looks flawless on her Instagram photos as she shows off her body on the beach and while on vacation

Madison attended Carolina College of Hair Design when she was young to pursue a career in the hair and makeup arts

The TV personality dated co-star Austen Kroll for three years until she quit in late 2019

She was linked with former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler in January, though drama ensued shortly thereafter

Earlier this month, a source told US Weekly that her new romance with the athlete “wasn’t serious at the time

Jay Cutler was previously married to Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari, but the couple divorced after 10 years together in 2020

The Chicago Bears star partnered with Madison earlier this year, though their relationship quickly turned sour

Madison claimed she was part of a “payback” program from Jay’s marriage and later revealed that their romance “didn’t work out”

Although Jay initially reached for the star of southern charm, he accused her of conflicting his name

The young mother’s time with Jay was short-lived as fans speculated that he returned to Kristin

The ex-spouses have posted matching photos together titled “The world is full of users” 10 Years Can’t Break That “

Now Macron is piling up on the British AstraZeneca pile – although the EU gives the green light for it

Covid cases drop 28% in a week by 29079 infections & 1245 deaths

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Madison LeCroy

World News – USA – Southern Charm’s Madison curves while battling Kristin & Jay