Chris Mortensen reports that Carson Wentz is expected to ask the Eagles for a trade in the off-season (0:28)

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who was installed on behalf of rookie Jalen Hurts last month, is still planning to seek a deal in the off-season as his relationship with head coach Doug Pederson has been irreparably broken, according to league sources. p>

The Eagles are aware of this potential move, but a team source told ESPN that the organization’s award for Wentz for the quarterback they ranked No. 1 has selected will be of importance 2 Overall selection in draft 2016

Several teams are expected to be interested in trading with Wentz, including the Indianapolis Colts, which were coached by Frank Reich Wentz’s offensive coordinator in Philadelphia

Hurts will start the regular season finals in Philadelphia against Washington Football Team for the fourth year in a row on Sunday night, while Wentz will be a healthy scratch, sources confirmed to ESPN
Pederson said earlier this week that he had “a lot of faith” in Wentz and was “looking to fix” the issues that had caused the former pro bowler’s performance to decline this season
Pederson is expected to return as the Eagles’ coach, but he has a meeting with owner Jeffrey Lurie on Tuesday to discuss the team’s losing season, possible coaching changes, and the quarterback solution, while Wentz seeks an exit

If the Wentz-Pederson relationship is determined to be indeed irreparable, the plan will have to take into account some wage cap maneuvers Wentz and his agents are ready to work with general manager Howie Roseman to facilitate a move out of the Philadelphia, divided league -Sources ESPN with

Team sources told ESPN last month that the Eagles intend to keep Wentz despite his years of struggles and that he should be an important part of their team going forward

But if the Wentz Eagles move on, they’ll have to make that decision by the second day of the league year 2021 – sometime in mid-March – because on the third day of the league year his base salary is $ 22 million for 2022, the guarantee will be fully covered and will be Roster bonus of $ 10 million in 2021 is paid

Wentz has struggled through the worst season of his career Despite playing only 12 games, he competes with Drew Lock from Denver on Sunday to take the lead with 15 interceptions. Wentz has also been fired 50 times in the league the 35th Place in the graduation rate (57) 4%)

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