After a dominant win against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Philadelphia 76ers continued their road trip on Sunday with a matchup against the Indiana Pacers Only last season did the Sixers lose three out of four games against the Pacers

The presence of the Sixers big man, Joel Embiid, could have helped Philly have a much better chance of revenge this year, but the big man’s back wouldn’t allow it after the Sixers were classified as questionable on Saturday night , they excluded Embiid for Sunday’s game as he continues to struggle with bottlenecks in his back

Without Embiid, the Sixers got off to a shockingly quick start as they formed an 8-2 run in the first few minutes, however, it wasn’t long before the Pacers caught up and got off the front

Perhaps the Sixers’ shooting fights had something to do with it. Similar to the Friday night game, the 76ers had a hard time throwing shots off the field. After Philly did her entire ten-man rotation for a few minutes, he just shot 33 percent of the field Tobias Harris led the team with just five points

The Pacers, on the other hand, shot much better After Indiana had withdrawn almost 50 percent of its shots from the field, it achieved a double-digit lead in the first 12 minutes. During a quarter, the Pacers were between 28 and 18 against the Sixers

Indiana didn’t miss a step in the second quarter With a shot nearly 70 percent off the field, the Pacers had no problem scoring points. They could thank Aaron Holiday for being seven minutes off the bench on the court in the second quarter had spent 12 of the 35 points the Pacers put on

Fortunately, Sixers striker Tobias Harris has almost reached the production of Holiday in just over seven minutes, Harris put up 10 points to increase his total of 15 points in the first half. Meanwhile, Ben Simmons was much more efficient than offensively he walked off the field eight points four on five

Although they had a better all-around quarter, beating the Pacers 36-35 in the second quarter, the Sixers didn’t have enough firepower to take over the field so they went into halftime at 63-54

The Sixers offensively stepped up in the third quarter Starting point guard Ben Simmons had a calm first half on the offensive side of the ball but led the indictment in the third quarter when he walked 3-3 off the field and knocked down three of his four fouls , Simmons made nine of the Sixers’ 28 points in the third game

The Pacers didn’t slow down, however, as a team they shot 47 percent off the field and knocked out three of their seven three-point shots. Though the Sixers looked much better after the half, Indiana beat them 32:28

After 95-82 it seemed only a matter of time before the Sixers pack it up and give the main starters the rest of the night off. But the Doc Rivers players had other plans thanks to a strong defensive effort from Matisse Thybulle and Furkan Korkmaz showed the 76ers signs of a possible comeback

A 21-2 run towards the end of the fourth quarter brought the Sixers to the top after falling behind since the start of the matchup.A return seemed unlikely, but the Sixers managed to pull it off a total of 48 points from Simmons and Harris and 17 Points from Korkmaz enabled the 76ers to claim a 119-110 win over Indiana

With this win, the Sixers move up to 15-6 and improve their road record to 5-5 after winning the last two away games. Now the Sixers have the next few days off before heading to Charlotte on Wednesday to face the hornets


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